How to plan a themed LEGO® birthday party

How to plan a LEGO® themed birthday party

Everyone loves an awesome birthday! A special day dedicated to a special person for everyone to celebrate. Who wouldn’t want that day to last just a little bit longer?

Get the party started

With LEGO® bricks, you can build birthday fun and activities to make the good times go on and on and on. Here are three steps to making an awesome LEGO birthday party before, during and after the special day!

Choosing the theme

Start by choosing the theme. What is the birthday person’s greatest passion? Are they into sci-fi action, fast cars and vehicles, music or animals? Be inspired by all the LEGO® themes on the website.

A source of inspiration

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Ensemble d'anniversaire

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Winnie l’ourson

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Le parc d’attractions

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Les créations enchantées d’Aurore, Mérida et Tiana

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Le bouquet de fleurs

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La construction créative

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Le train d'anniversaire de Mickey et Minnie

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Porte-crayons Jolie banane

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Now it’s time to get creative and decorative! Get all hands on deck and get the kids to help create the birthday fun together. With LEGO® birthdays you can customize the décor any way you like from centerpieces to name tags – even LEGO confetti! Stick to the theme or freestyle to make custom decorative builds that will make any birthday table bricktacular. Or make festive functional builds for holding flowers, cutlery or straws. Here are three ideas for table decorations, but as they say … the only limit is your imagination!

Table 1: Va-va-vroom!

For all the gearheads, daredevils and those who are into some fast-paced action, there are plenty of possibilities within the LEGO® vehicles universe. You can take any idea and run with it (or, rather, drive with it).

Table 2: Full of personality, full of color, full of fun!

It’s their birthday… so it makes sense to pay tribute to the special birthday person. Have fun creating colorful name centerpieces, and awesome accessories like napkin holders and little mini presents. Everything within their favorite color scheme, of course.

Table 3: Collaboration for the nation

An open centerpiece such as this one provides a great outlet for kids who may-or-may-not-be looking for something to do with their cake-induced sugar rush. Building up this centerpiece with spare LEGO bricks is a perfect way to keep kids creative, occupied… and (relatively) still!

Birthday Invitations

Once you have picked an overall theme, you might need to invite some buddies to come and celebrate the birthday. In which case, we’ve got you! Here are a few cool, easy-to-print invitations that you can use, or you can create your own with some of these design elements. If you want to invite your friends & family by email, there are a few animations you can use. Check them out here.