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15 mejores juguetes LEGO® de autos para peques y adultos

15 mejores juguetes LEGO® de autos para peques y adultos

Pon a calentar tus motores: es hora de hacer de las carreteras el terreno de juego con estos 15 increíbles juguetes LEGO® de autos.

Lleva la magia a casa, acelera a fondo o toma un relajante paseo por la ciudad. ¡Estos autos de todas las formas y tamaños impulsarán tus aventuras al siguiente nivel!

LEGO® Speed Champions – Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance y Mercedes-AMG Project One

Lleva a casa no uno, sino dos vehículos que empujan al límite la innovación en el campo de la ingeniería con el set Speed Champions Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance y Mercedes-AMG Project One LEGO Speed Champions.

Estos artículos de colección rinden un homenaje a la tecnología de vanguardia utilizada en los vehículos de verdad replicando fielmente a escala los detalles y características del diseño original de Mercedes-AMG. El set viene con 2 minifiguras de pilotos de Aston Martin, cada una con casco de competencia, peluca y llave de tuercas.

Esta combinación ganadora fascinará a cualquier fan de los autos sin importar su edad, ¡y es el regalo perfecto para los amantes de la velocidad a partir de 9 años!

Trademarks are owned by Daimler AG and used under license.

Manufactured under license from Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

The PIRELLI logo, CINTURATO logo and “BRACKETS” logo are trademarks of the Pirelli Group and are used under license.

Chevrolet Corvette 1961

Hit the gas pedal and craft a detailed model of the iconic American sports car!

As the first generation of C1 Corvettes approached its final days, Chevrolet released the 1961 Roman red convertible with unique features that can be found in this authentic replica. Classic car enthusiasts aged 18+ will enjoy building a collectible car model worthy of display. Removing the roof will even let them access the car’s detailed interior and working steering.

Steer your favorite car lover to maximum excitement with a building project they’ll cherish forever!

LEGO® City - Custom Car Garage

Rev up any child's imagination with the LEGO® City Custom Car Garage playset, where they can customize the car of their dreams!

With a workshop boasting a cool configuration wall, ramps, and an engine hoist, kids have everything they need to craft the ultimate vehicle. They can design and build two customizable toy cars, choosing from a range of engines and getting creative with different headlights, bumpers, and spoilers to create their dream ride!

This thrilling set also includes 2 mechanic and 2 driver minifigures with fun accessories to add to the automotive adventure.

Themes - Cars - Ferrari 812 Competizione

Get ready to embrace the speed and style of Ferrari with this incredible LEGO® set – a must-have for every car-loving kid and collector alike!

Kids aged 9 and up can experience the thrill of owning, building, and displaying this limited-edition sports car model. The red Ferrari car toy boasts an array of authentic details that mirror the real-life powerhouse – from the striking yellow stripe across its sleek body, to the black blade on the hood and the raised rear wing.

Including a race car driver minifigure with a helmet and wig, the stage is set for heart-pounding action on the track or the road!

LEGO® Speed Champions - Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)

Whether staging high-speed races or showcasing it with pride, this Nissan Skyline model will keep young drivers entertained for hours on end.

Inspired by the iconic car from the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie, this buildable model is perfect for kids aged 9 and up, car enthusiasts, and fans of the popular movie franchise. It’s packed with authentic details, including iconic livery along the side, a rear wing, front grille, and impressive wheel arches that capture the essence of the real-life model.

Just place the Brian O’Conner minifigure in the driver’s seat and embark on action-packed driving adventures!

LEGO® City - Police Station

Get ready for endless adrenaline-filled missions with this 3-level LEGO® City Police Station toy!

Bursting with inspiring details, this playset will ignite the imaginations of young crimefighters. Inside, they can find a jail equipped with a breakout function, a crooks' exercise yard, and a dog training area. There’s also a police car, helicopter, and a crook's customized garbage truck, along with a Road Plate for connecting to other LEGO City sets!

With 5 minifigures, including 3 LEGO City Adventures TV series characters, there are endless opportunities for thrilling pursuits.

LEGO® Indiana Jones™ - Fighter Plane Chase

Prepare for a high-flying adventure!

The LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Fighter Plane Chase fuels hours of creative fun for kids aged 8 and up. Take control of the fighter plane, equipped with a propeller, 2 stud shooters, and removable wings. Then hop into the super cool vintage convertible car, hiding an umbrella and a pistol in the back for extra excitement!

Fans can recreate iconic chase scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade alongside the 3 included minifigures: Indiana Jones™ with his famous whip, Professor Henry Jones Sr.™ holding a diary, and a fierce fighter pilot.

LEGO® Technic™ - NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with a stellar gift for space enthusiasts young and old – their very own LEGO® Technic toy version of NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover!

This intricate set takes builders aged 10 and up on a thrilling journey to Mars. With 360° steering, a movable arm, and fully articulated suspension, the rover replica is well-equipped to traverse the rocky Martian landscape. To add to the excitement, the set also includes a model of the rover’s companion helicopter, Ingenuity.

Plus, the accompanying AR app lets you delve deeper into the rover's important mission, providing an immersive and educational experience like no other!

LEGO® DREAMZzz™ - Mrs. Castillo’s Turtle Van

Calling all dreamers aged 7 and up! Join Mrs. Castillo, Mateo, and Zoey from the thrilling DREAMZzz™ TV show on an enchanting journey.

Mrs. Castillo's turtle van toy can be customized in 2 exciting ways using captivating story-led building instructions. Enter party mode, where the van dazzles with a moving tree, spinning cactus, and an opening treasure chest. Or, dive into flying submarine mode, complete with a rocket and a moving periscope!

An extraordinary journey awaits young builders as they build, customize, and play in the most magical way.

LEGO® Technic™ - Bugatti Bolide

Know a young car enthusiast with a passion for engineering? This detailed LEGO® Technic model will set their minds racing!

This captivating set challenges kids aged 9 and up to construct their own Bugatti race car model, complete with true-to-life features like a working W16 engine, functional steering, and scissor doors. They’ll get a hands-on introduction to engineering, immersing them in a world of realistic movement and mechanisms.

With a striking yellow and black color scheme and authentic sticker details, the Bugatti Bolide steals the show.

LEGO® Technic™ - NASCAR® Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Buckle up and get ready to race! This collectible NASCAR set is a dream come true for young race car enthusiasts, celebrating their passion for the sport through the joy of play.

Kids aged 9 and up will love constructing every authentic detail of this iconic race car. With realistic features like working steering, an opening hood, and a V8 engine with moving pistons, the adventure continues even after the model is built.

When they’re done racing for the day, they can display their new ride for all to see!

LEGO® City - Penguin Slushy Van

Kids aged 5 and up will be the talk of LEGO® City with this ultra cool penguin-themed vehicle, complete with endless fun features for imaginative play.

Open up the side of the van to check out the prep area, where the penguin-suited vendor can mix up delicious drinks with the 4 toy slushy machines. There’s even a serving hatch that slides open, just like the real thing!

LEGO® DUPLO® - Classic Alphabet Town

Welcome to the Classic Alphabet Town – the ultimate playset to help toddlers learn their letters!

Watch as they dive into the colorful world of the alphabet, accompanied by girl, boy, and pug figures, driving a delightful car through a town of their own creation.

This educational toy is the perfect gift for curious toddlers, with easy-to-handle bricks for boys and girls aged 18 months and up. Featuring 87 colorful pieces, they’ll never get bored of finding new ways to explore their town!

LEGO® DUPLO® - Family House on Wheels

Join your adventurous toddler on a big journey with the LEGO® DUPLO® Town Family House on Wheels!

Budding builders aged 2 and up will love constructing the cute toy mobile home that attaches to the drivable car. Hitch up the house and set off to new locations, sparking imaginative play and exciting encounters!

With 2 figures that fit snugly in the car, preschoolers can role play family life on the road, sharing stories together around the campfire.

LEGO® City - Car Wash

Get ready for a cleaning adventure that will leave car fans aged 6 and up bubbling with excitement!

This super fun set comes with everything they need for endless fun at the car wash, including the toy Car Wash, a car, and minifigures of the driver and attendant. Drive through the Car Wash to see the washer brushes spin, dispense LEGO® soapsuds elements, and arrange the movable dryer fans.

Whether they’re car crazy or just love role playing new adventures, this set makes a great gift for young builders with big imaginations.

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