Best Star Wars™ Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens

The Star Warsgalaxy is full of iconic characters, legendary scenes and memorable locales. If your kids are just being introduced to Star Wars, finding an engaging gift can be tricky. We’ve handpicked some cool and unique gifts for kids, perfect for birthdays, or even Star Wars Day itself!

LEGO® Star Wars™ TIE Bomber™

Young Jedi can battle against the Rebel Alliance with this brick-built LEGO® Star Wars™ TIE Bomber™! They can roleplay as Darth Vader™, Vice Admiral Sloane™ and a TIE Bomber Pilot, with each LEGO minifigure including its own weapon for thrilling combat sequences! There’s even a Gonk Droid™ LEGO figure and a cart to transport torpedoes to the TIE Bomber™.

Whether the kid you’re shopping for is an experienced builder or new to LEGO sets, they’ll have all the support they need with the LEGO Builder app’s digital step-by-step building guide.

LEGO® BrickHeadz™

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ are a fun and easy build for kids - and there are plenty of different characters to choose from so you’ll have no trouble finding a set your little builder will adore!

The Mandalorian™ & the Child

Included in the range is this adorable The Mandalorian™ & the Child set, which replicates the authentic details from the Disney+ series where Star Wars™ fans were first introduced to Grogu™, affectionately known as “Baby Yoda”.

With 295 pieces, it’s perfect for kids aged 10+ and makes an eye-catching display. The Child’s ears are also adjustable, so kids can position them to make the adorable creature look happy or sad. Build together or separately. Either way, Star Wars™ fans will love it.

Ahsoka Tano™

With the LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Ahsoka Tano™ set, fans can pay tribute to the brave and powerful Jedi who was once the Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker™ and went on to be a hero of the Clone Wars. If your kids love Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian™ or The Book of Boba Fett series, they’ll love this gift.

It’s the perfect mini build for kids aged 10+, standing at 9cm tall. It can be displayed on the baseplate as a fun bedroom decoration or turned into a play figure and incorporated into many other Star Wars™ toys.

These sets look amazing together, on their own or displayed alongside the scene of Obi-Wan Kenobi™ and Darth Vader’s™ epic battle with the Obi-Wan Kenobi™ vs. Darth Vader™ set (75334)!


Ahsoka Tano™

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price9,99 €
Last Chance

The Mandalorian™ & the Child

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price18,99 €

Obi-Wan Kenobi™ & Darth Vader™

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
Price19,99 €
Last Chance

Obi-Wan Kenobi™ vs. Darth Vader™

Average rating3.7out of 5 stars
Price49,99 €

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LEGO® Star Wars™ 501st Clone Troopers™ Battle Pack

Little ones can lead their very own unit of 501st Troopers to victory in battle with this LEGO® Star Wars™ 501st Clone Troopers™ Battle Pack.

Featuring four new minifigures all wielding their own weapons, this set comes ready for action. They can role-play as a 501st Officer, 501st Clone Specialist or choose between two 501st Heavy Troopers. There’s even a buildable AV-7 anti-vehicle cannon with a spring-loaded shooter!

Designed for LEGO® Star Wars™ fans aged 6 and above, kids can build with ease thanks to the LEGO Builder app’s interactive digital instructions.

The Justifier™

With this ultra-realistic LEGO® brick-built model of The Justifier from Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2, kids can jump right into the action of their favourite series.

There are endless scenarios to play out, and with four LEGO minifigures of Cad Bane™, Omega, Fennec Shand™ and Hunter, plus a bunch of cool accessories, the fun never has to stop! The rear engine folds up and down for flying and landing, there are spring-loaded shooters on the wingtips, and there’s even a ‘laser’ jail cell to hold Omega as prisoner.

This premium-quality 1,022-piece set makes an incredible gift that will put a huge smile on the face of any Star Wars™ fan.

AT-TE™ Walker

Kids can join Commander Cody™, a 212th Clone Gunner and three 212th Clone Troopers in a fearsome battle against three Battle Droid™ LEGO® figures and a buildable Dwarf Spider Droid™ with the awesome LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-TE™ Walker!

The Walker has space for up to seven LEGO minifigures inside, plus two stud shooters, two thermal detonator elements and many more exciting features. But the real star of this set is the 360-degree-rotating elevating heavy blaster cannon!

LEGO® Star Wars™ collectors and fans of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith will have hours and hours of fun recreating scenes from the Battle of Utapau™!

Boba Fett’s Throne Room

Based on the location from Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett series, this buildable playset is the perfect gift for kids aged 9+. The 732-piece set comes with seven LEGO® Star Wars™ characters providing endless opportunities for children to role-play their favourite scenes.

Kids can recreate their favourite moments or rewrite the saga as they wish, with plenty of hidden references and accessories to enhance their playtime. This is one of the best Star Wars™ gifts for young Jedi if you want to stimulate their creativity and give them hours of fun.

The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter™

Are Din Djarin’s™ friends in trouble? Become a heroic pilot and send in the Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter™! The N-1 Starfighter™, designed for kids aged 9+, is a fun build with plenty of authentic details, and comes with four LEGO® Star Wars™ character figures including the Mandalorian, Peli Motto™, Grogu™ and BD Droid™.

Inside the starfighter is a cockpit for your LEGO minifigures with a special space for Grogu™, a cargo compartment and a spring-loaded shooter. It’s a fun gift idea for birthdays, Christmas or as a reward for creative kids looking for a new Star Wars™ buildable toy.

Dark Trooper™ Attack

The Dark Troopers are attacking and Luke Skywalker™ needs a brave Jedi to help him win! Designed for kids aged 8+, this detailed recreation depicts the interior of the Imperial light cruiser, where Luke fights back against the Dark Troopers. Once built, this set has many levels of interactivity that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

With four new LEGO® minifigures, rotating elements and a sliding ”Force platform”, kids can make up their own galactic battles with ease. Pair this scene with another LEGO® Star Wars™ toy and let your kids have a galaxy full of adventures.

Hoth™ AT-ST™

Prepare to recreate one of the ultimate battles from the Star Wars™ saga. The Hoth™ AT-ST™ is authentically recreated from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This toy has easy-to-follow building instructions and authentic details for kids to enjoy.


As Obi-Wan Kenobi™ said, “The Force will be with you. Always.” Gather the Jedi in your household and work together to build the incredible AT-AT™ LEGO® set, with 1,267 pieces to create the towering, menacing machine. Designed for kids aged 10+.

With six minifigures included, adding the LEGO® AT-AT set to an existing Star Wars™ collection can open up hours of interactive play for kids and adults alike.

Kids can have endless fun combining these sets to recreate iconic scenes and inspire their creativity to make up their own galactic adventures. There are also plenty of Star Wars™ games, videos and related content that your kids can explore on the LEGO® Kids site here!

But kids don’t have to have all the fun – there’s room in the galaxy for adult LEGO® Star Wars sets too! Whatever you choose to get, you and your family are sure to have hours of fun.

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