VIPs: collect these LEGO® Fiat 500 art prints today!Learn more

VIPs: collect these LEGO® Fiat 500 art prints today!Learn more

Real-Life Heroes
Real-Life HeroesAbout
  • Call in reinforcements!

    Witness the cheesiest police chase imaginable. OK, maybe not THE cheesiest.
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Rebuild real-life heroes

With the right material in their hands, kids can unleash their creativity as they build and rebuild whatever comes into their head, the way they want it. With action-ready police officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses, kids can play out the stories of their daring, funny and heroic role models.

Create Your Own Hero Missions

When the day needs saving, there’s no one better to call than a child! Watch their unexpected and creative solutions to everyday issues come alive with our LEGO police, doctor and firefighter toy sets.
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Rebuilt by…

Change everything with a gift

Already Have a Favorite Hero?

For some kids, there’s no question as to what they want to be when they grow up. And that’s great! Jump right to their go-to hero.

Real-Life Heroes

Every story needs a hero, but not every hero has to wear a cape. Kids love to mimic and roleplay the people that occupy a more regular role in their everyday lives.

To Serve and Protect

LEGO® City Police officers inhabit some of the most awesome buildings and coolest vehicles in LEGO City. Check them out right HERE.

Why we Love Relatable, Everyday Heroes

Firefighters bravely battle fires, but also rescue stranded pets. A police officer that helped a child cross the street in the morning, spends the afternoon in hot pursuit of villainous crooks. And the same doctors and nurses that saves lives also help treat bumps and bruises. Mixing heroic deeds with everyday acts is what makes these real-life heroes both relatable and special to kids.

LEGO play puts children in control of all the action as they create and recreate the lives of their real-life heroes. From the realistic to the fantastical, ordinary to the extraordinary—if they can imagine it, they can play it with LEGO bricks and minifigures!

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