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LEGO® Minifigures

LEGO® Minifigures bring new play possibilities and open-ended creativity to any LEGO set for all LEGO fans and collectors. Kids of all ages (you never get too old to play, right?) love to collect and bring inspiring new characters into their LEGO universe, where they can play out their own imaginative stories and recreate scenes from their favorite LEGO movies.

Series 21

Average rating3.6out of 5 stars
Price49,00 kr

Hogwarts™ Students Acc. Set

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price179,00 kr

Fairground MF Acc. Set

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price149,00 kr

Golden Zane MF Acc. Set

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
Price149,00 kr

Minifigure Belight Backpack

Price499,00 kr
- 30%

TLM2 Accessory Set 2019

Average rating3.9out of 5 stars
Price149,00 krSale Price104,30 kr

Minifigure Lunch Box

Average rating3.5out of 5 stars
Price60,00 kr

Teen Minifigure Backpack

Price599,00 kr

Series 21

A new line-up of fun, buildable characters has arrived! With the Minifigures Series 21, there’s endless play for fans of any age.

Explore The Awesome LEGO® Minifigures

Check out the iconic characters from the current LEGO® Minifigures series in their right element – as showcased by other LEGO fans.
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