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Can animals born in captivity live in the wild?

It’s tricky to release pandas born in captivity into the wild. They need to learn how to survive in a new habitat that has plenty of bamboo to eat and hidden areas to hide their cubs, so finding the right area can be a challenge.

Can People live under the sea?

Living underwater might sound impossible, but scientists and Explorers have done so for several years now. While training, even astronauts live underwater because the conditions are similar to space. But living and working under the sea is difficult, so engineers are always figuring out new ways of doing it.

About the partnership

We partnered with National Geographic Explorers and experts to offer a unique insight into how we’re exploring the world’s wildest terrain and discovering new creatures in the depths of the oceans. Together we’re sharing stories from real Explorers with a passion for nature and the animals on our planet.

Meet the National Geographic Explorers and experts

  • Andy Mann

    Andy loves to take pictures of mighty great white sharks. Not just because they’re the largest predatory fish on Earth or that they’re almost as long as a bus. What makes them special is that they’re a vulnerable species and need to be helped.
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Can we find creatures nobody has ever seen?

Amazingly, more than 80 percent of the world’s oceans are still unexplored and we’re making new discoveries all the time. The sixgill shark can live up to 8,000 feet below the surface. When it’s too deep to send a person, we can send a remote-controlled camera that can dive deeper, faster, and more safely to see what else is down there!
  • Ocean Mini-Submarine

    Kids can dive into creative play with this LEGO® City Ocean Mini-Submarine playset. There’s a toy submarine with a bubble cockpit and inspection arms, a pirate treasure chest with gems and a cool hammerhead shark figure. This building kit has all kids need for imaginative underwater adventures.
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Can we make naughty elephants behave?

African elephants need a lot of food to keep going, which can make them a bit naughty, sometimes. They’re always searching for food, leaving their protected habitat and raiding crops that belong to local farmers. Just one elephant can eat an entire year’s worth of crops in one night, so ecologists are coming up with super inventive natural ways for people and elephants to live together.
  • Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue

    Let kids play the hero as they race to rescue a baby elephant from the swamp! Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue is packed with features to inspire imaginative play. Working as a team with the LEGO® Friends girls, kids can get lost in hours of adventure.
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