Are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics really hard for kids to learn? The long answer is No – the shortest answer is to learn through PLAY.

Scroll down to find out how you can help your child – and maybe yourself, too – get excited about STEM with LEGO® sets from DUPLO® to LEGO BOOST and MINDSTORMS®.

What is STEM and why are LEGO® STEM toys fun for kids?

For most of us, fields in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are either wildly exciting and inspiring or extremely daunting concepts that may be difficult to relate to. They often get a reputation as the ‘hard’ sciences. Hard, both as in difficult to grasp and learn, but also with a reputation of being rigid, leaving very little, if any, room for creativity or imagination.

We design and create LEGO® STEM toys because we believe that curiosity, fun and creativity are major drivers in getting both kids and adults excited about science. You can always play and experiment your way from basic to advanced STEM skills. (And that’s a scientific fact!) STEM is a window to understanding the building blocks of life, the universe and everything. It gives us tools to explore, question, navigate in, and even invent the world we live in – skills that can and will be applied in every field of work and play.

Find the Best LEGO® STEM Toys for Girls and Boys

From LEGO® DUPLO® and LEGO space sets and gear wheels to Tech Toy of the Year LEGO BOOST and MINDSTORMS®, you can find the perfect STEM gift for toddlers to older kids here. Each set has a helpful age marking to guide you!

From deep space adventures to code-able dinosaurs

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NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
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Robot Inventor

Average rating3.8out of 5 stars
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Average rating5out of 5 stars
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Olivia's Space Academy

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
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App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

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Material Handler

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McLaren Senna GTR™

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LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime Set

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LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential Set

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Fun, Cool and Creative STEM Projects for Kids of All Ages

You can find lots of creative ideas and inspiration for easy to advanced STEM projects for toddlers to older kids. It’s not just about programming computers, filling large chalkboards with complicated equations or building robots. You can tap into your child’s curiosity about almost anything and find ways to start a fun experiment or game. At its core, STEM is really about understanding and engaging in the world around you, with curious observation, critical questions and the creativity and courage to fearlessly try new things. Whether you’re stacking a tower of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks for fun or trying to find a new galaxy!

STEM toys for Ages 4-7 – Toddlers and Preschoolers

Did you know that something as relatively simple as playing counting games with your toddler can spark their passion for STEM? Learning about numbers and basic math this way can help develop their observational and analytical skills in any field. How many dots are on a ladybug? How many toes do I have?

Another simple play activity that is universally popular with toddlers from any culture all over the world is “How many (insert favorite toys here) can I stack on top of each other before they fall over?” There’s your child’s first lesson in the law of gravity!

Find ideas for fun STEM projects for young kids in these videos!

Find ideas for fun STEM projects for young kids in these videos!

Find ideas for fun STEM projects for young kids in these videos!

Create Your Own: LEGO® Balloon Car Party Game

Start your engines! LEGO® brick building is all about fun and creativity, and making a balloon car is a thrill-packed birthday party activity for children, who will marvel as their air-powered creation whizzes across the floor.

Watch 20 LEGO® DUPLO® bricks become one cute robot!

So, if you could own your very own robot, what would you choose? The Housemaid 500, who never bores of chores? How about a cyborg chef to prep meals 24 hours a day? Let’s face it, we’d probably all opt for something really practical and (whisper it) dull. Ask the same question to a child, however, and the answers are genius.

Coding Express

Inspire early learners to explore early coding concepts such as sequencing, looping and conditional coding, while developing problem solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration and social and emotional skills.

Powered Up: Upgrade your LEGO® Play Experience

The LEGO® Powered Up system is a Bluetooth® and WiFi-enabled element platform with smart motors, color and distance sensors and LED light elements. Simply build them into a LEGO set to add movement, lights and lots of action!

An upgraded version of the LEGO Power Functions system, Powered Up has:

New Wired connections
Better support
Sensor-Smart Motors (app can identify device)
Improved building possibilities, particularly for LEGO Technic™ based models

New wireless connections
Improved range
Works behind obstacles
Lots of channels
Not sunlight sensitive
Connection to smart devices that support Bluetooth®
Low energy consumption

Award-winning Tech Toy of the Year
2018 – Ideal for Primary School kids!

How do Primary School kids Learn About STEM?

Ages 7-12: Primary school kids often love taking things apart to see how they work. They’re naturally talented at asking themselves and others “what happens if…?” because they’re not limited by grown-ups’ logic or experience with how things work. They love experimenting – trying out baking skills, learning to play an instrument, or trying to build the fastest toy car. You may not think about it, but those are all exciting ways they learn about STEM. Constructing and taking things apart – that’s engineering right there! Kids can develop math skills when they learn to follow simple recipes. Music notes are a form of code they learn to decipher – a skill that can even be used when learning other languages as well!

STEM for Middle School and Older Kids – 10+

Older kids will love to use their more advanced analytical skills (and, of course, longer attention span) for more complex STEM challenges. The more they learn, the more questions will also arise. Whether your child is passionately pursuing video games, sports, science, arts and crafts, something completely different, or all of the above, encourage them to persist and ask them questions like “how did you learn about this?” or “what do you want to try next?” Everything from creative arts to rocket science uses technology in various forms today. We can’t predict exactly what skills and qualities our kids – and we – will benefit from in the future. STEM toys can help your child

Need help with LEGO® STEM toys?

Do you need help selecting the right LEGO® STEM kit for your child or yourself? Have you lost your building instructions? Do you have questions about a function, app or element of your LEGO BOOST or LEGO MINDSTORMS® set? Your friendly, non-robotic LEGO customer service staff is always ready to help.

Ready to Crack the Coding… Code?

Discover how easy it is to start coding robots for kids and adults of all ages with codable LEGO® toys!
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