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44 years of Building For Real

In 1977, the LEGO® Technic system was first introduced to allow for more detailed, realistic models that closely mimicked the mechanisms and functions of real-world vehicles (and looked good doing it). Nearly half a century on, we’re as committed to every V8 engine, every axle-articulated suspension and every moving piston as ever. You don’t have to be an expert on cars to enjoy these vehicle sets… but it helps.

New Rules

McLaren didn’t so much tear up the rulebook with this car, as obliterate it. Our LEGO® Technic McLaren Senna GTR™ (42123) faithfully reproduces every carbon-fiber-clad inch of this game-changer.

Rugged good looks

The Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon (and its LEGO® Technic counterpart) may not be as sleek or stylish as a supercar. But there’s just something innately… sexy about it. There, we said it.
  • Design Time

    Learn the most important aspects of vehicle design as told by Mark Allen, Head of Design at Jeep®.
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Switch Styles in a Monstrous Way

What’s better than owning one of the most famous monster trucks ever, with a pull-back motor, authentic headlights and faithful decal? Answer: owning a Monster Jam® Grave Digger® truck (42118) that also turns into an off-road buggy, of course!

The D Stands for Destruction

We’re pretty sure those spikes are just decorative… but we’re not going to test our theory. Celebrate one of the most iconic monster trucks ever with the fearsome Monster Jam® Max-D® truck (42119)!
  • The Driving Force

    Meet the driver of the Monster Jam® Grave Digger® truck – Adam Anderson!
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