LEGO® Bonsai Tree


Plants from Plants

The Bonsai’s leaves utilize plant-based plastic elements, made from sustainably-sourced sugarcane. It’s part of our mission to make LEGO® bricks sustainable by 2030.

Grow your collection

Our Botanical Collection is ready for cultivation, by you. Bring our most relaxing and mindful sets into your home.
Set for all seasonsThe LEGO® Bonsai Tree includes two leaf variations: traditional green and Japanese Cherry Tree-inspired blossoms. Which will you pick first? Move the slider to visualize the difference.

Our (kind of) top tips

Read our tongue-in-cheek guide on how to best care for your Bonsai Tree… and warm up your vocal cords…

Build with Mindfulness in Mind

To help you find the ultimate in joyful focus with your Botanical Collection, we’ve curated a unique and unusual playlist to accompany you on your build. Listen on Spotify, or using our audio player below.
White Noise… the LEGO® way…
White Noise… the LEGO® way… thumbnail
White Noise… the LEGO® way…Discover a soundtrack for your LEGO® Botanical Collection that calms, soothes, and focuses. Choose from eight unique White Noise tracks, created using LEGO® elements, to further enrich your building experience.



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Can you do nothing for 30 seconds?

Discover some me-time with the LEGO® Botanical Collection. Click to begin

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