Police Officer – Real-Life Heroes
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Become a Real-Life Hero with Police Officers

Serve, protect and catch some crooks with LEGO® police toys

Already Have a Favorite Hero?

For some kids, there’s no question as to what they want to be when they grow up. And that’s great! Jump right to their go-to hero.

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Police Officer – Real-Life Heroes

When kids roleplay as police officers, it is never long before the crooks strike again, and a new adventure begins. We have dozens of playful sets that include everything children need to catch those pesky crooks once and for all.

Police Officer Training Starts Here

Learn how to become a police officer, the LEGO way, with three easy steps any young cadet can follow to stop the chaos and restore order.

Step 1: Choose Your Pursuit Vehicle

Behind every good police chase, is a great police vehicle. LEGO motorcycles, cars, helicopters and even jet airplanes are just the beginning! Kids can combine elements to create their own toy police cars and vehicles before speeding after the crooks!

Step 2: Catch the Crooks

Bank robbers, statue thieves and flying diamond snatchers? LEGO crooks can’t resist causing trouble! It’s going to take some serious imagination to capture the bad guys but with the latest LEGO police gear at their disposal, we have no doubt your child is up to the task!

Step 3: Return to Life as Normal

Ahh, time to relax. Life as a police officer may not be easy, but now that all the crooks are back behind bars, the chief likes to sit back and enjoy a donut before… Wait, are those crooks escaping again!

Police Toys for Cadets and Veterans

From DUPLO sets for toddlers to TECHNIC models for older builders, we’ve got toy police cars and sets for kids of all ages.

Grab the Best Police Officer Gear

To keep up with a kid’s imagination, the LEGO City Police Force has a nearly endless supply of gadgets for catching crooks—from parachutes and jetpacks to net-shooting helicopters and speedy pursuit vehicles. What are you waiting for? Gear up and get out there!

Build Your Support Team

Keeping everyone safe and protected takes more than just good police work—you need a team! Recruit the help of other everyday heroes like firefighters, doctors and nurses with a wide variety of LEGO play sets.

Why we Love LEGO Police Officers

With lives packed with action and adventure, police officers have long been a favorite play theme for children around the world.

Through play, kids can adopt the very best attributes of these everyday heroes, such as their resourcefulness, willingness to help anyone and their endless love for really cool vehicles.

LEGO police toys offer endless engagement and storytelling opportunities as kids build and rebuild crime scenes, high-speed chases, devious plots and heroic missions. No matter their age, there’s a spot for your child in the LEGO police department!

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