12 Best Space Toys for Christmas

12 Best Space Toys for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to get searching for the best gifts for your friends and family members who love everything space-related. Who knows where their imaginations could take them?

Here are the 12 best space toys for aspiring intergalactic explorers this Christmas!

LEGO® City – Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions

Featuring a super-cool toy mission spacecraft, a planet rover, 3 astronaut minifigures and a robo-dog figure, the LEGO® City Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions is a great Christmas gift for kids who’ve got a passion for all things intergalactic!

There’s even in-app digital adventure stories for kids to immerse themselves in for extra interactive fun.

This set has all the accessories kids need to bring their space missions to life, whether the storyline they imagine involves a metal detector, a laser welder, a banana or a turkey drumstick!

LEGO® City – Lunar Research Base

Inspire future space scientists this Christmas with the LEGO® City Lunar Research Base!

This playset has been authentically designed in line with the details on real space vehicles and equipment used by NASA, including a lunar lander, VIPER rover and a domed accommodation module.

There’s even a skycrane drone kids can use to secure a mysterious meteorite for further research.

“I would give it [this set] 60 stars, because I like space and I like NASA.” – Luisa, 8 years old

What makes this set extra special is that it can be combined with others from the LEGO City space playset range for otherworldly adventures that never end!

LEGO® Monkie Kid™ – Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer

The legendary Monkey King tales take on a galactic twist with this detailed LEGO Monkie Kid™ toy playset! Kids aged 9+ can explore the galaxy from the cockpit of Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer spaceship, setting off on epic adventures with LEGO minifigures of mythical characters like Monkie Kid, Mei and Robot Mo.

The ship is ready for battle with 2 spring-loaded shooters and comes with storage space for the green Fire Ring, jetpack and moon rover vehicle. Plus, there’s even more storage for fun accessories like space helmets in the rocket launchpad, as well as a detailed control area and antenna!

Easy to build and infinitely inspiring, this spaceship toy will open up a whole new world of play this Christmas and beyond.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Space Mining Mech

This versatile LEGO Creator 3in1 Space Mining Mech has everything you need to engage budding robotics engineers and space explorers!

The feature-rich posable mech includes a spinning buzz saw, a jetpack on its back and a face with changeable expressions – and when kids dream up a different storyline, it can be rebuilt into a 4-legged cargo carrier with a robot pilot or a 2-legged LEGO robot.

With 327 pieces, this set gives kids aged 7 and up endless possibilities for unique, creative role-play fun.

LEGO® Friends – Olivia’s Space Academy

Kids aged 8 and above with an interest in space will absolutely love the LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Space Academy buildable playset!

With realistic features modelled on real space shuttles and scientifically accurate planet graphics, kids can learn all about astronomy as they play – the whiteboard in the classroom even features real spaceflight equations!

Kids can use the mini-dolls included to stargaze in the observatory, get to grips with space flight in the classroom and prepare for their space voyage in the multi-axis trainer!

LEGO® Galaxy Explorer

Released as an anniversary collectible edition of the Classic 497 LEGO Galaxy Explorer model, this building project marks 90 years of LEGO creations – a faithful reincarnation of the 1979 set, reimagined on a much larger scale.

This is the best gift for adult space enthusiasts who love nostalgia and jump at any opportunity to rekindle their childhood interests!

LEGO® Galaxy Explorer is an immersive build jam-packed with fun features just waiting to be discovered, such as the ultra-detailed interior with seats for all 4 astronauts.

LEGO® Classic – Space Mission

There’s hours and hours of fun to be had with the LEGO® Classic Space Mission playset!

Designed for kids aged 5 and up, this 1,700-piece set has everything kids need to build 10 space-themed toys including a launch tower, a rocket and a mission control center, plus more than enough extra bricks to build anything else they can imagine.

This premium-quality playset is the best gift for young kids embarking on their first space adventures this Christmas!

LEGO® Ideas – International Space Station

The LEGO® Ideas International Space Station is a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for space enthusiasts, adult LEGO fans and accomplished builders aged 16 and above who are seeking their next immersive project.

Created by fan designer Christoph Ruge, this fascinating set is modelled authentically on the real ISS. It features 8 adjustable ‘solar panels’, posable canadarm2, a brick-built mini NASA space shuttle and so much more!

The completed model measures over 7” (20cm) high, 12” (31cm) long and 19” (49cm) wide, making it a truly breathtaking display piece.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Space Shuttle Adventure

With 3 different build-and-play experiences to choose from, the LEGO® Creator 3in1 Space Shuttle Adventure set has more than enough to send imaginations into orbit this Christmas!

Young space adventurers can role play sending a shuttle beyond the stratosphere, blast off to the moon in a rocket or explore distant planets in the 4-legged lunar lander.

Kids aged 8 and above who go crazy for space toys will absolutely love all the exciting possibilities this set offers!

LEGO® City – Rocket Launch Center

Launch kids’ imaginations to new heights this Christmas with the NASA-inspired LEGO® City Rocket Launch Center toy playset!

With a huge launch tower, a rocket with space to hold 2 brave astronauts and a planet rover for exploring new worlds, this set has everything kids aged 7 and up need to role play exciting space adventures!

As well as a realistic observation dome and launch control center, there’s also a service vehicle and a drone! Kids can even combine this set with others from the LEGO City space toy range for fun that never ends.

LEGO® DUPLO® – Space Shuttle Mission

Introduce kids aged 2+ to the wonders of outer space with the LEGO DUPLO® Space Shuttle Mission playset!

This colorful 23-piece set encourages creative construction and role-playing, featuring a space shuttle, movable ladder, rolling buggy and two astronaut minifigures. Toddlers develop their cognitive, spatial and fine motor skills through fun intergalactic play, with endless possibilities for adventure.

With engaging features and simple instructions, exploring the universe has never been easier!

LEGO® City – Lunar Space Station

Budding astronauts aged 6 and above will adore this richly detailed 500-piece playset. There’s science and botany labs, a docking space capsule, sleeping quarters and 5 astronaut minifigures for all the role-play adventures kids can imagine!

The set comes with simple step-by-step instructions and an interactive digital building guide, making it suitable for beginner builders.

Measuring over 5” (13cm) high, 12” (32cm) long and 11” (28cm) wide, this is the best Christmas gift for kids who are fascinated by everything space-related!

Are you shopping for people whose interests lie beyond space? We’ve got you covered.

Find jaw-dropping Christmas gifts for all your loved ones, whether they go crazy for classic cars or are passionate about princesses – there’s a LEGO set for everyone!

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