The Best LEGO® Police Station Toys

The Best LEGO® Police Station Toys

Kids and adults alike love classic games of cops and robbers – and the best way to bring those stories to life in play or display is through these great LEGO® police station sets.

Whether chasing after criminals during an action-packed playtime or exploring cool features in expansive building sets, there’s something for everyone. So get your badge ready and those sirens blaring – there are bad guys to catch!!

LEGO® DUPLO® – Rescue Police Station & Helicopter

Perfect for police-obsessed preschoolers, this toddler-friendly police station set inspires kids aged 2+ to develop key skills while role-playing heroic adventures!

The Push&Go police car features flashing lights and a siren to bring the action to life, and there’s even a police helicopter with spinnable blades that officers can look out for from the watchtower.

Kids can explore with the open-and-close doors and keep an eye on bad guys with the surveillance camera decorated elements, learning all about police work without needing to leave the safety of home!

LEGO® City – Seaside Police and Fire Mission

You can save the day twice as much when you’re equipped to tackle crime and fires! This playset, combining two popular LEGO City themes, includes a toy police station, a police sea helicopter and a fire dinghy that really floats – as well as a crook’s speedboat that’s getting away.

Join the four minifigures, including LEGO City Adventures TV series hero Tom Bennett, as they tackle the latest crisis and keep the city safe.

Kids can take the toy firefighter dinghy onto the water to put out the fires on the criminal’s speedboat. Use the shooting extinguisher blaster to knock out the LEGO flames – then bring the police helicopter around to pick up the bad guys and take them to jail where they belong!

LEGO® City – Police Station

A calm day turns into an action-packed adventure when crooks attack! Start by training the police dog on the obstacle course while keeping a close eye on the prisoner in the exercise yard.

But things go south when a garbage truck rolling up beside the station turns out to be a heist vehicle piloted by crook Daisy Kaboom! She can use the truck to pull open the jail wall with its breakout function and help the convict get away.

Chief Wheeler and Allen can hop in the helicopter or the police car to catch her up – will they finally get her behind bars?

LEGO® Police Station

Adults can join in the fun of justice and baked goods with this 2,923-piece mega set, including a Police Station, a newspaper kiosk and a doughnut shop, all as part of one modular building.

The three-story Police Station incorporates an evidence locker, a jail cell, an interrogation room and a case board, complete with red lines connecting the clues.

Each floor can be removed to allow for different displays or playing with the interactive features within, like the secret hatch under a bed, the mug shot area and the fire escape outside.

This set offers hours of fun for those who want to build and display – or for adults who want to enjoy a bit of action with police toys themselves!

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