Top 6 LEGO® Musician Toys

The Top 6 LEGO® Musician Toys for Kids

Everybody loves music, especially young kids who want to feel like rock stars.

Why not bring that magic home for playing and displaying with some awesome LEGO® musical instruments and interactive band toys – so you can feel like you’re backstage at the coolest show around!

LEGO® VIDIYO™ – The Boombox

The Boombox set looks like a music player – until you unfold the front to reveal a stunning stage for the four music minifigures: a vampire, a leopard, a fairy and an alien.

They come with accessories like microphones and toy musical instruments and make up the best live LEGO band around.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Download the free LEGO VIDIYO™ app to make LEGO music videos! Kids can scan the minifigures and the special-effect BeatBits to get a whole new digital experience by mixing up the scenery with the other interactive elements that change the scene.<br>

LEGO Friends – Andrea’s Car & Stage

Drive to the concert in style in Andrea’s sleek, candy-colored roadster with her and her best friends!

Kids can feel the excitement of going to see live music with this set as they cruise up to the stage and transfer the boombox in the car to become the speakers on stage.

The set includes two mini-dolls, a parrot figure and a toy stage that matches the car, where Andrea can get ready to perform.

She’s also got a choice of the microphone or a saxophone, so kids can explore a range of performing options!<br>

LEGO VIDIYO – K-Pawp Concert

This music is really wild! Join the bunny, kitten and flying unicorn minifigures with their instruments as they take center stage in this unique unicorn-themed playset.

Then use the free app to scan the characters and reveal their stage personas. The special BeatBits let kids mix up the scene and add loads of special effects, like matching costumes or new dance moves, as they put together their own music videos for the band! It’s great for kids who love K-pop or who want to add a K-pop feel to other genres.

With 14 random BeatBits and three special ones, there’s plenty to try and kids can swap with their friends to bring different ideas to life!

LEGO DOTS – Music Bracelet

Know a child who wants to show off a love of music? This adjustable, flexible bracelet includes 32 colorful tiles, including ones decorated with musical notes and a metallic effect, as well as translucent options and glitter pieces.

Kids can create a design using inspiration from the packaging or come up with their own for a completely original look!

The pieces in the box allow for lots of different looks, but if you want to take the creativity to the next stage, the set can be mixed up with other LEGO DOTS kits to add other styles and colors.

LEGO VIDIYO – Party Llama Beatbox

Sound the party a-llama! This cool musical llama comes equipped with BeatBits to unlock special effects like the colorful tropico techno effect in the free app, as well as with maracas, to add some beat to your LEGO music videos!

Film a samba-inspired tropical music video and then pair the llama off with other minifigures in the VIDIYO range to mix up genres and the BeatBit effects.

LEGO VIDIYO – Robo HipHop Car

Roll up to the show in the robo car with a whole backstage area all to itself.

The two cyber minifigures are ready to unleash their techno beats – and when you scan them with the app, you can show them in a slick high-tech garage or add some grunge in a graffiti-filled car park.

Their special BeatBits can add cool robot sounds to songs or add more graffiti to a stage. Mix them up with other BeatBits and characters to find your own unique musical style!

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