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The Best LEGO® Back-to-School Accessories

The Best LEGO® Back-to-School Accessories

Going back to school means new school accessories – and these accessories are the best way to make a splash in the classroom with a unique style and creative twist.

Stock up on school bag accessories, school desk organizers and all sorts of other cool extras for bringing play and learning together!

LEGO® DOTS Cute Banana Pen Holder

Nothing says summer and good vibes like this DOTS Banana Pen Holder. Be creative and decorate the banana any way you wish – and then place your pens and pencils inside once the masterpiece is complete.

Decorating your own storage is a great way to boost creativity in kids and allows them to display their designs with pride. There are loads of different colored LEGO® DOTS pieces to use to make this canvas come to life.

It’ll look super cute on any child’s desk and makes doing homework way more fun.

LEGO® DOTS Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

You can display these patches on any hard, smooth surface like books, phone cases, storage boxes or drawers. The best part? You can change the design whenever you want, so the creative options are endless.

Do it your way!

LEGO® DOTS Designer Toolkit

This is the ultimate arts-and-crafts set for kids who want to express themselves in bold, creative ways. The DOTS Designer Toolkit is perfect for making cool, unique back-to-school accessories like a bracelet, pencil pot, desk tray, stitch-on patches and even your very own photo frame.

Featuring 10 different canvases and over 860 tiles in a variety of colors, go wild with your imagination to create the coolest designs and accessories for school.

LEGO® Merchandise – 2x4 Gold Metallic Keyring

Add some flair to kids’ belongings with this 2x4 Gold Metallic block on a durable keyring – great for keeping locker or home keys safe or as a standalone attachment to a bag!

The functional LEGO® brick can connect to others and form the foundation of a custom keyring design, or you can stick with the metallic green brick on its own for a statement item that helps keep keys together!

LEGO® DOTS Multi Pack – Summer Vibes

Know a young artist with a passion for creating all sorts of different things? This pack is a great way to keep them building!

Including a lion bag tag, a bracelet, a picture frame that can be hung up and a cactus-shaped pencil holder, kids will be able to keep adding new touches to their designs all summer long.

Use the included tiles to add all sorts of looks to each of the different builds, or go even further and add in tiles from other sets to create unique art pieces for a school desk or bag, or to keep at home and inspire kids while they’re doing homework!

LEGO® Hot Dog Guy Luggage Tag

The keyring can even twist, like so!

Keyrings never go out of style, especially when they’re as cute as this LEGO® Hot Dog Guy.

On the back of the bag tag, you can write your contact details, then attach it to your backpack and you’re ready for school. The tag can also be attached to luggage or sports bags, so that you always know which one is yours.

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