LEGO® Flower Bouquet


Discover unexpected beauty and intriguing details…

Naturally unique

We’ve used Pterodactyl wings, car hoods and even robot heads for our horticultural marvels, plus 5 elements made from sustainable plant-based plastic – as part of our mission to make LEGO® bricks sustainable by 2030.

Display your way

With its fully adjustable stems and petals, the Flower Bouquet matches any vase, room, mood (or LEGO® Bonsai Tree).

The Hidden Story of the LEGO® Flower Bouquet

While this set launched in 2021, LEGO® flowers have been springing up in our offices for a long time beforehand. Discover their unexpected history.

Build with Mindfulness in Mind

To help you find the ultimate in joyful focus with your Botanical Collection, we’ve curated a unique and unusual playlist to accompany you on your build. Listen on Spotify, or using our audio player below.
White Noise… the LEGO® way…
White Noise… the LEGO® way…
White Noise… the LEGO® way…

Discover a soundtrack for your LEGO® Botanical Collection that calms, soothes, and focuses. Choose from eight unique White Noise tracks, created using LEGO® elements, to further enrich your building experience.

Be Inspired

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Can you do nothing for 15 seconds?

Discover some me-time with the LEGO® Botanical Collection. Click to begin!

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