The 14 Best LEGO® Wild Animal Toys For Kids

The 14 Best LEGO® Wild Animal Toys For Kids

Regal lions, giant giraffes and adorable pandas all run amok when playtime is packed with the very best in wild animal toys. Help your children sink their teeth into some wild new adventures from safaris to volcano rescues, with everything from rabbits and penguins to leopards and whales just waiting to help your young one’s imagination roam free.

LEGO® Friends – Mia’s Wildlife Rescue

Join LEGO® Friends Mia as she carries out her animal-care dream at a wildlife rescue center!

Pick up the walkie-talkie set to respond to a call for help when a baby zebra is stung by a scorpion, then rush the zebra back to the center to scan it for injuries. Help the doctor use her medical kit to care for the injured animal, and keep an eye out for a special visit from a tall giraffe!

Featuring a multi-story wildlife rescue center, 3 mini-dolls, 3 safari wild animal toys and an ATV, plus fun accessories, this set is perfect for caring kids to role-play rescuing animals in need.

LEGO® DUPLO® – Wild Animals of Europe

Experience the joys of nature from the comfort of your own home with this play-and-learn set full of animals to discover!

The toddler-friendly animal toys and woodland playmat encourage kids aged 2+ to learn all about the native forest animals of Europe in their natural habitats. There are 11 different animals to play with including adult and baby deer, a bear, fox, duck and 2 squirrels!

Kids can help the animals find shelter and food in the cave and trees, enjoying endless role-play fun while learning about nature and developing important skills.

LEGO® City – Wild Animal Rescue Missions

Jump in the truck – there’s an exciting mission to complete!

Children aged 6 and up get to play the hero with this interactive play experience, using real LEGO bricks to complete captivating on-screen missions. Take the leading role and solve fun building challenges to rescue the animals, saving the day in your very own digital adventure story!

This action-packed set develops kids’ creative and problem-solving skills, featuring a mission truck, 3 minifigures, animal figures including a baby crocodile, panther cub and owl, plus lots of LEGO pieces for solving the story-led building challenges.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Fantasy Forest Creatures

Open the door to a new world of imagination and befriend fun fantasy creatures in a magical forest!

This cute and creative 3in1 building set offers kids the chance to explore 3 different woodland scenes, choosing which animals to build and have adventures with. Create a wise owl and hedgehog duo, rebuild them into a young deer and rabbit, or turn them into a squirrel nibbling on an acorn!

Kids aged 7+ can even use the 175 bricks to bring their own animal invention to life, for even more fantasy forest fun.

LEGO® DUPLO® – Wild Animals of Asia

Get ready for a fun-packed trip around Asia, taking in the sights and sounds of the local animals!

If you know a kid who’s wild about wildlife, they’ll love learning all about the animals of Asia as they explore this detailed recreation of its natural habitats. Home to adult and baby elephants, pandas and tigers, a monkey, birds and red pandas, this awesome environment is bursting with wonderful creatures to discover.

There’s bamboo and a cherry blossom tree for the animals to enjoy, as well as a special sound brick that plays realistic animal noises for a fully immersive experience!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Llama Village

Minecraft® adventures can come out of the screen and into real life with this brick-built Llama village, featuring a cast of classic Minecraft characters to play with.

Open up the big llama to explore and customize the rooms inside, and position the 6 extra modules anywhere around the llama’s body. Then join forces with the llama villagers, including a llama herder and llama knight, to defend the village from a pillager attack. A secret weapon makes the big llama ‘spit’ at the hostile mobs, saving the day!

Adventure-loving kids will have a blast exploring the world of Minecraft through this reconfigurable set.

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LEGO® DOTS – Unicorn Creative Family Pack

Bring a creative twist to family time with LEGO arts and crafts that both parents and kids can enjoy!

Use LEGO DOTS to craft the unicorn stationery holder, decorate the 2 bracelets and express your thoughts on the mini message board or bunting kit. You can hang the bunting with string to proudly display your crafts, and wear the bracelets to show off your cool designs.

The best part is all the items can be redecorated over and over again in new and creative ways, so the family fun never has to end!

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Majestic Tiger

This powerful tiger is ready to stalk through the forest and pounce onto playtime! Fully posable, the tiger can turn its head, change its expression and swish its tail, and comes accompanied by a cute red bird on some trees.

The set also rebuilds into two other animals: a red panda that chows on bamboo or a koi fish swimming serenely through the jungle lakes. Animal lovers aged nine and up can use their imagination to create something totally new!

LEGO® DUPLO® – Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train

Turn bath time into fun time with these happy floating animals!

The cute duck, hippo and polar bear float in differently colored rings that can be attached to or detached from one another to form a train or go for a solo swim.

The set is easy to clean and a great way to entertain toddlers aged eighteen months and up – and help improve their fine motor skills!

LEGO® Creator 3in1– Crocodile

This scaly, snapping croc is sure to liven up playtime with its opening jaw and bendable body.

It comes with a fish skeleton and a small perching bird on its back to add to the roleplay, and once kids are done playing with it, they can take it apart and rebuild it into two other creatures: a frog with an extending tongue and a miniature fly or a wriggling snake accompanied by a mouse.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Fox Lodge

Minecraft lovers are sure to love the creativity of building a giant fox-themed house! The open back and removable roof make it easy to take adventures in and out of the build, but watch out: a drowned zombie is heading for the structure and will need fending off by the character dressed like a fox, equipped with a sword.

The set comes with a baby and adult fox as well as an Arctic fox, all drawn together by the colorful house. There are berries to feed them as well as a fishing rod and fish to catch when the house isn’t being attacked by mobs.

LEGO® Classic – Bricks and Animals

Want to whip up a whole zoo of animal toys? This LEGO brick set comes equipped with 1,500 bricks, including eye pieces, leaves and more, so you can build anything you put your mind to.

With all sorts of shapes, you can make completely unique creations, or you can follow the easy instructions to make ten different animals right out of the box, including a peacock, a bull, a penguin, a dinosaur, a unicorn, an ostrich, a hippo, a panda or a giraffe – all with their own accessories!

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Wild Lion

The king of the jungle is now available for playtimes everywhere. With its posable tail, legs, head and jaw, and a rack of ribs for it to chew down on, this wild animal is sure to be a roaring success with the whole family.

What’s that swooping in after the lion’s done? The set comes with a vulture to pick the ribs clean and inspire new fun stories.

If the lion’s too scary for your latest playtime, take advantage of the three-in-one build and turn it into a posable ostrich or warthog instead – or use a growing young imagination to completely reinvent the set into a whole new animal!

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Safari Wildlife Tree house

Take playtime on a tour of the African savanna when you roleplay a safari adventure with the boy and girl minifigures and camera accessory.

Rest up in the balcony accessible by ladder, with a couch to relax in, an interior to play in and three brick-built animals: a posable giraffe, a flamingo and a hornbill.

Keep finding new creatures to snap by rebuilding this three-in-one set. Once you’re done with the treehouse, take it apart and build a biplane perfect for swooping low over a lion, or build it into a catamaran to come face to face with a crocodile!

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