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LEGO® City® Ocean toys

LEGO® City Ocean playsets introduce kids to the exciting world of underwater exploration and stimulate open-ended role play – where they can have fun creating exciting scenarios that depict real life in a fun and imaginative way.

Voyage to the bottom of the sink!

The LEGO® City Ocean Exploration Ship not only floats on water, but comes equipped with a shark cage, a working crane, a research submarine, a helicopter, a shark and a stingray.

Exploring the ocean’s depths

Our oceans are teaming with amazing wildlife. That’s why all LEGO® City Ocean toys feature highly realistic and exciting wildlife such as glowing anglerfish, hammerhead shark and stingray. Follow a team of intrepid ocean explorers on an exciting mission in shark-rich waters!

Action-packed gifts for little LEGO® builders!

LEGO® building sets for young builders (4+ and 5+) include an easy-to-follow building guide and plenty of recognizable characters and themes for creating fun stories and play scenarios.

Dive into the unknown!

LEGO® Friends and LEGO City are proud to support the work of National Geographic Explorers. Here, kids can discover fun facts, meet intrepid explorers and get close to all kinds of cuddly and fierce creatures!

LEGO® Life – Powering kids’ creativity

LEGO® Life is a kid-safe community where children can share their creations, subscribe for the fun-packed LEGO Life Magazine, download free interactive building instructions and much more. Share your very own LEGO Ocean adventure stories now!

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