National Geographic Kids and LEGO® Friends team up

LEGO® Friends are proud to partner with National Geographic Kids – and yours! Together we want to bring sea creatures and ocean conservation closer to children’s lives through play. With four new sets inspired by real-life sea rescue challenges and adventures, videos, fun facts, quizzes and more, your child will learn about endangered species and feel empowered to help save their ocean habitats.

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The LEGO Group Supports Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

Kids all over the world are speaking out about environmental issues – they deserve to have their voices heard. This summer, the LEGO Group is joining the 2019 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, a program that empowers kids to create their own campaigns to advocate for solutions to ocean pollution. The three-day Bootcamp takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 28-30 June, with 300 youths aged 11-18 from 20+ countries.

Aquatic Acrobats – Dolphin Fun Fact

Did you know there are more than 40 different types of dolphins all over the world? And they have lived in our oceans for 15 million years!

Puppies of the Ocean – Sea Lion Fun Fact

Sea lions are as playful as little puppies and not afraid to get close to divers, fishermen and sailors. And like dogs (and cats) they use their whiskers to “scan” their environment, mostly for food.

Living Dinosaurs – Sea Turtle Fun Fact

Sea turtles existed as far back as when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth – that’s 200 million years ago. Humans have only existed for about 200,000 years!

The Unicorn of the Sea – Narwhal Fun Fact

Unlike the (imaginary) unicorn horn, the male narwhal’s tusk does not grow from its forehead. It is actually a long spiral-shaped canine tooth with millions of nerve endings.

Dive deeper! Combine sets for endless adventures

Inspiring kids to care for all sea life through engaging stories and role play.