Who are the five LEGO® Friends girls from Heartlake City?

Meet Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. They can be loud, impulsive, goofy, quiet, wild, daring or caring. They sometimes act before they think, have loud disagreements, or lose courage when they face their fears or shortcomings. But when the going gets tough, they always step up, work together, and help each other with resilience and grit. For every problem, there's a creative solution.


The LEGO® Friends have been on hundreds of adventures and missions together in their own webisodes and mini movies. There are always new friends to help or learn from, a pet in distress to save, a car race to be won, a job to be done, and always enough hearts and smiles to go around. Each episode can be watched independently.

You can find all videos on our official YouTube channel. Look for the “LEGO ®” channel to find us.

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