Top 7 LEGO® Vet Toys

The Top 7 LEGO® Vet Toys For Kids

If you know a child who absolutely adores animals and nurses dreams of becoming a veterinarian when they grow up, it’s time to help them play out their passion with the very best interactive pet toys, vet play sets and animal hospital toys around.

Pack the injured animals into an ambulance or a rescue buggy and hurry them over to the vet clinic – or rescue jungle creatures with a helicopter. The opportunities are endless!

LEGO® Friends – Vet Clinic Ambulance

Take rescue on the road with the LEGO® Vet Clinic Ambulance. Everything is fine when you’re exploring the cat’s tree house home, but when the kitten falls in the river, leap into action to save the day.

The neat cog function turns the water into swirling rapids – but you can lower a basket to pull the kitten out to safety. <br>

The ambulance is kitted out with cute accessories and a hinged panel, so you can easily open it up and continue the play on the inside.

LEGO Friends – Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy

When the happy riverside picnic scene turns into a disaster as the hinged tree swings over and traps the dog, it’s time to bring the rescue buggy into the game.

LEGO Friends Stephanie can hook up the chain on the back of the drivable quad bike to winch the fallen tree off the dog and get everyone safe and clear.<br>

There’s lots of cute accessories too, so when the rescue is done, kids can reassure the saved pup with a feeding bottle and a bone – and communicate with the nearest animal hospital with Stephanie’s walkie-talkie.

LEGO Friends – Heartlake City Vet Clinic

Not every vet is caught in a disaster scene – with the Heartlake City Vet Clinic, the animals in need of medical care come to you!

Explore the reception area and the stable for LEGO Friends Mia’s horse, and monitor the road scene from the look-out balcony above. <br><br>And when animals do come in for treatment, bring them into the examination room stocked with Donna’s vet kit to take care of them!

LEGO Friends – Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter

The tiny bunny is stranded on the heart-shaped island! Pack up the LEGO children’s vet set into the helicopter and take to the air to stage a rescue.

Land the helicopter on the lake and get the bunny safely onto a cute little stretcher before flying it back to the parent rabbit. <br><br>Back on the safe side of the water, relax after the action with Stephanie and Mia as they kick back with a picnic on the lakeside jetty.

LEGO Creator Expert – Corner Garage

LEGO bricks are for anyone of any age, so why not get one for yourself too? Designed with adults in mind, this detailed, 2,569-piece building and animal hospital toy set contains an examination table, a fish tank and a waiting area with a sofa, all ready for city-dwelling LEGO figures. <br>

But there’s more to the set than just the pets! The ground level includes a 1950s-style fuel station with a pump, kiosk and a vehicle workshop that looks stunning as part of a big display.

LEGO Friends – Panda Jungle Tree House

Help teach kids about animal conservation as they play with the Panda Jungle Tree House.

Young ones can embark on wildlife adventures as they pretend to nurse rescued pandas and help preserve the endangered species.

The pandas aren’t just stuck in an enclosure – help them have a great time with the monkey bars and a cool slide.<br>

The play scene also lets kids bring stories from the LEGO Friends TV series into their bedrooms and relive their favorite moments.

LEGO DUPLO® – Horse Stable and Pony Care

If your young one loves horses, this set with its two adorable ponies is perfect for getting them started with horses at playtime!

The horses will need feeding before being taken out for a ride, so make sure to get the carrots ready. They’ll need a drink too, so make sure the trough is at hand – and when they’ve been out all day, make their stable cozy with lots of hay to sleep in.

This set is great for toddlers, as it will help them build their social and emotional awareness as they take care of the two horses.

The building instructions also include a fun picture story involving models from the set, so there’s an extra element of enjoyment in the construction.

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