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What is LEGO Modular Buildings?
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Make history

Add to your Modular neighbourhood or start a new collection now with the extraordinary LEGO® Icons Natural History Museum.

The coolest hot spot in town

Recapture the golden era of jazz with the LEGO® Icons Jazz Club.

Your room is ready

Relax and unpack with a Boutique Hotel set filled with stories.

Natural History Museum

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Hard to find

Jazz Club

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Hard to find

Boutique Hotel

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars

Recreate the stories

Expand your Modular Buildings collection with sets from the worlds of LEGO® Marvel and LEGO Ideas.

Home Alone

Relive the classic film with surprising details around every corner.

Alpine Lodge

Check in and chill out with a new Winter Village collection set.

Modular Buildings through the years

Read all about the LEGO® Modular Buildings line and how it's grown over the years.
  • Café Corner, 2007Café Corner, 2007
  • Market Street, 2007Market Street, 2007
  • Greengrocer, 2008Greengrocer, 2008
  • Fire Brigade, 2009Fire Brigade, 2009
  • Grand Emporium, 2010Grand Emporium, 2010
  • Pet Shop, 2011Pet Shop, 2011
  • Town Hall, 2012Town Hall, 2012
  • Palace Cinema, 2013Palace Cinema, 2013
  • Parisian Restaurant, 2014Parisian Restaurant, 2014
  • Detective's Office, 2015Detective's Office, 2015
  • Brick Bank, 2016Brick Bank, 2016
  • Assembly Square, 2017Assembly Square, 2017
  • Downtown Diner, 2018Downtown Diner, 2018
  • Corner Garage, 2019Corner Garage, 2019
  • Bookshop, 2020Bookshop, 2020
  • Police Station, 2021Police Station, 2021
  • Boutique Hotel, 2022Boutique Hotel, 2022
  • Jazz Club, 2023Jazz Club, 2023
  • Natural History Museum, 2023Natural History Museum, 2023


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