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Soda Jungle Maker Set

LEGO® Super Mario™LEGO® Super Mario™
Price54,99 €

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Limit 5
Small parts.
Building Instructions

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Customisable LEGO® Super Mario™ toy for kids

Create and customise Soda Jungle levels for independent play or family fun with this LEGO® Super Mario™ playset.

Interactive play possibilities

Add LEGO® Mario™ (from set 71439), LEGO® Luigi™ (71440) or LEGO® Peach™ (71441) for interactive play (sets sold separately).

LEGO® Super Mario™ Soda Jungle Maker Set

Customisation Machine

Select the rewards offered by the 2 ? Blocks.

Special Pipe: Speed Run

Begin a speed challenge.

3 LEGO® Super Mario™ figures

A Pink Shy Guy, Wiggler and a Piranha Plant.


Raft across dangerous waters.

Poison swamp

Ride the Wiggler through the poisonous swamp.

Hidden enemy

Find and topple the Pink Shy Guy.

Cool Nintendo® gift for kids

Expand, rebuild, role-play stories and create unique levels with other LEGO® Super Mario™ sets (sold separately).
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