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Welcome! Your exploration of play and building together starts here. Our collection of activities, games and helpful ‘parent-friendly’ articles has been curated for families with kids aged 4-12, offering endless opportunities for shared adventures and creativity.

From creative activities, to discovering your shared passions, let’s dive in and discover new ways to make family time truly special. So, are you ready? This is your time to create some unforgettable moments for you and your family through the joy of playing together.

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LEGO® Family Explorers

Welcome aboard! Bec, Nigel and famous explorer Godwin are traveling all over the world, and you’re invited!

Find inspiration for your next playtime

Play is your superpower. It helps supercharge learning, teaches kids valuable life skills, and it helps boost our wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for quick builds or ways to facilitate more playtime, there’s plenty to explore. From indoor activities perfect for rainy days, entertaining challenges for the family and educational building activities. We’ve created a variety of enriching and creative activities perfect for families with kids aged 4-12.

It’s party time!

Get ready to build, play and laugh together with LEGO® Brick Party!

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Encourage kids to unleash their imaginations and harness the power of dreams as never before!Suitable for ages 6+
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