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The 6 Best LEGO® Fire Truck Toys for Kids

The 6 Best LEGO® Fire Truck Toys for Kids

Know someone with a burning desire to save the day? Bring the fun of fire trucks to playtime and spark a passion for helping others.

Get everyone to safety in style with the best LEGO® fire engine toys, and make your young firefighters feel like real life heroes!

LEGO® DUPLO – Rescue Fire Station & Helicopter

Get stuck into a busy day fighting fires with this versatile playset!

Little heroes aged 2+ can take part in fast-moving fun at the fire station, helping the fire-fighting team whizz down the slide, climb into the Push&Go fire truck and head off through the large swing door to save the day. There’s even a helicopter to join the mission, taking off from the roof of the feature-filled station!

This set is bursting with opportunities for developmental play, with friendly characters, fun activities and fascinating features.

LEGO® DUPLO® Fire Truck

This set is perfect for kids aged 2+ to carry out their very first rescue mission! 

The 21-piece set comes with a multi-function fire truck, with a siren and flashing lights. This will be just the truck they need to rescue a poor cat from the tree! Kids will play with the firefighter minifigure and extendable ladder to retrieve the cat. 

We all know how mischievous cats can be! If they run into any trouble getting the pet down, there are tasty treats on-hand to help them out. The set has everything to help them play out their imaginative stories.

LEGO® City Fire Station and Fire Truck

The action never stops at the Fire Station! This LEGO® City playset calls for brave heroes! 

The 2-level fire station immerses kids into the life of a firefighter, featuring sleeping quarters, a garage and emergency-slide. With a flexible hose and raisable ladder, they’ll need to rush the functional firetruck to the scene of the incident. The set also comes with a popcorn cart and attachable LEGO flames for them to create a fire scene.

Along with the vendor and 2 firefighter minifigures, the young builders will have minifigure accessories to help them learn physical skills and engage in fun-filled play.

LEGO® NINJAGO® Nya’s Water Dragon EVO

What better way to put out fires than with a super cool water dragon? 

Ninja enthusiasts aged 6 and up can unleash their inner hero and embark on epic adventures across land, sea, and sky with this awesome NINJAGO dragon. The fearsome creature features a posable head, jaw, legs and wings, as well as a tail that can be used to fight off enemies. 

Minifigures of Nya, Lloyd, and their enemy Bone Guard accompany the dragon, equipped with everything they need for action-packed battles!

LEGO® Minecraft® The End Arena

Minecraft® players aged 8 and up can enter the ultimate battleground with the LEGO® Minecraft The End Arena set! 

Step into the legendary End Arena where an End warrior faces off against a dragon archer in an epic battle. Equipped with armor and weapons, they confront more than just each other – the arena floor moves, revealing a treacherous lava pit beneath their feet. 

Plus, kids can push the launcher to send lava blocks catapulting from the jaws of a towering Ender Dragon statue, challenging survival skills!

LEGO® City Fire Command Truck

Set fire to kids’ imaginations with the LEGO® City Fire Command Truck! 

The ultimate spark for their firefighting fantasies, this action-packed fire engine set is brimming with fun features. Kids aged 7+ can build their own firefighting vehicle with fire and land drones, plus a detachable control center. The forest and city fire settings set the stage for thrilling role play, with 3 minifigures to imagine adventures with. 

With a functional winch, an extinguisher, and darts that launch from the fire drone, the possibilities for firefighting fun are endless!

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