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The Best LEGO® Back-to-School Supplies

The 9 Best LEGO® Back-to-School Supplies

As kids head back to school, they might not be excited to leave their toys behind – so why not add a bit of fun to the back-to-school checklist?

These top LEGO® school supplies are a great way for young builders to take their creativity with them when they learn!

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LEGO® Brick Backpack

Need a new backpack for going back to school? Well, this LEGO® Brick Backpack is eco-friendly and stylish, made from recycled drinks bottles.

It’s durable and spacious with a large inside compartment plus 2 LEGO stud-styled pockets to fit smaller bits and bobs, as well as slip pockets inside. The padded shoulder straps mean maximum comfort and kids will love the unique zippers in the shape of LEGO bricks!

This backpack comes in a variety of different colors. The best part is that each LEGO Brick Backpack saves approximately 11 plastic bottles from landfills.

LEGO® Brick Bookrack

Wooden Book Rack – Dark Oak

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price69,99 €
Get the kids ready to go back to school with this LEGO® brick bookrack for their bedroom. Perfect for storing schoolbooks and their favorite stories, this bookrack is perfect for kids who love LEGO bricks and reading!

LEGO® Brick Lunch Bag

If your child loves LEGO® bricks, then they’ll absolutely love this school gear. Kids can now carry their lunch to school in this fashionable LEGO brick lunch bag. Practical and lightweight with ample space for sandwiches and snacks, this red lunch bag is cute, colorful and high quality.

Packed lunches have never looked so fun!

LEGO® 8-Stud Red Desk Drawer

8-Stud Storage Brick – Red

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price34,99 €
Out of stock

Kit out your kid’s bedroom with this funky LEGO® 8-stud drawer to store all their school supplies. For books, stationery, LEGO sets, accessories and other bits, these desk drawers are practical for any young LEGO brick lover to keep their things tidy and organized.

The drawers can be mix-and-matched and even stack on top of one another like real bricks! Great for storage all year round.

Looking for something smaller? Well, we also have a 4-stud desk drawer.

LEGO® Hydration Bottle

Product pictured on the center right.

Hydration Bottle – Blue

Average rating4out of 5 stars
Price17,99 €

Sometimes kids forget to drink enough water when they’re at school, but that won’t be the case anymore. Stay hydrated on the playground with this trendy water bottle that comes in two different colors, either red or blue.

With a removable lid, the bottle is easy to wash and perfect for refilling at the water fountain over and over again.

LEGO® Brick Notebook

There’s nothing like fresh parchment for the start of a new school season. With 352 ruled pages inside, this pad is perfect for making long notes, journaling or doing school revision.

The embossed notepad comes with a gel pen that attaches to the notebook, and an integrated elastic band to bookmark pages.

Available in 5 different colors, this book will keep kids inspired and creative as they embark on a new school chapter.

LEGO® 12-Pack Gel Pen Set

Nothing beats brand new stationery when going back to school. This 12-pack gel pen set comes in a variety of different colors, so kids can write their notes with fresh, eye-popping ink! Of course, they wouldn’t be LEGO® gel pens without the super adorable LEGO brick detail.

You’ll have the coolest pen game in the class.

LEGO® – LEGO Brick Erasers

LEGO® Brick Erasers

Price16,99 €

With these LEGO® school supplies, kids can erase mistakes just as easily as they can build new ideas!

Each eraser included in the pack is the same shape and size as a LEGO 2x4 brick so they can fit together just like the normal toys. They come in four pastel colors for a different kind of look, and are great for kids with a creative streak!

Assemble the bricks into bigger erasers to get rid of really big mistakes! Or stack them on a desk at school or at home to keep an eraser handy at all times.

LEGO® Merchandise – Pencil Sharpeners

LEGO Pencil Sharpeners

Average rating3.5out of 5 stars
Price7,99 €
Out of stock

Keep your pencils sharp and your style sharper! These cool red & white and blue & white sharpeners fit in with any stationery for a unique look as well as being perfectly practical.

Each sharpener has LEGO® plates for customization options, allowing you to personalize them by attaching other bricks or minifigures – or you can even build the sharpeners into bigger designs to really make your own school supplies!

These are ideal for someone who loves LEGO building and wants to take their creativity into school with them.

Pack your kid’s bag full of fun

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