LEGO® 90th Anniversary Play Challenges

Get Inspired for World Play Day

We’re celebrating our birthday on August 10th by getting the world to play. “Play what”, you ask? Well, let’s find out...
“What can I build?”
Can’t think what to make? Got builder’s block? Let our Random Build Idea Generator do the thinking for you!

90-Second Challenge with… Alicia Keys!

Sit back and admire as Alicia Keys makes some magical musical magnificence!

90-Second Challenge with… Thierry Henry!

Thierry Henry builds the ultimate LEGO® brick trophy!

90-Second Challenge with… Simone Giertz!

Can she overcome the 90-Second LEGO® Challenge and build her very own LEGO mech?

90-Second Challenge with… Peggy Gou!

International dance music and fashion icon Peggy Gou shows her limitless creativity when taking on the 90-Second LEGO® Challenge.

90-Second Challenge with… Loserfruit!

Can Loserfruit build the tallest ever LEGO® brick tower?

90-Minute Challenge with… Hebru Brantley!

Artist Hebru Brantley builds stunning LEGO® mosaics in 90 minutes!

90-Second Challenge with… Ottolenghi!

Ottolenghi is a master of creating amazing menus, but how fast is he when building with LEGO bricks?

Food, glorious food!

Build your favorite food!

Move aside Picasso

Build a masterpiece your way!

Touch the Sky

Build your own LEGO® tower.

Passion for fashion

Add a fashionable twist to your LEGO® build.

Show some Robo-creativity

Build the next world-changing robot.


Build your favorite sport out of LEGO® bricks.

Music to our ears

Build an instrument, or invent a new one, and play it.

Creature comforts

Build your pet (real or imaginary) in their favorite outfit.

Beauty in simplicity

Build something using only one color.

“That one looks like a…”

Build some clouds into new colors and shapes.

Food, glorious food!

Build your favorite food.

The magic number

Build 90 out of bricks.

Blooming marvelous

Build 90 tiny flowers for someone you love.

Let’s get weird

Build a playground. The weirder the better.

Turn up the randometer

Build a zany combination.

New and improved?

Rebuild your favorite LEGO® set into something new.

It’s fewer than you think…

Build something wild using only 90 LEGO bricks.

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