Best Halloween Games for Kids

Best Halloween Games for Kids 

Make this Halloween the most thrilling yet with these fun Halloween games for kids! 

Halloween is the perfect occasion to get creative with a scary spin on all your favorite party games – and we’ve got just the thing to add an extra treat to your frightening festivities. 

From a LEGO® Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt to a Halloween piñata, get inspired with these Halloween game ideas featuring all of our favorite spine-chilling LEGO sets.

LEGO Store Halloween events 

To help kids and parents alike make the most of Halloween, we’re hosting a variety of super special in-store Halloween events! 

Head to a LEGO store the week before Halloween and take part in these exciting building activities to celebrate the holiday in true LEGO style.

Make sure to check with your local LEGO store to find out when the Halloween fun begins!

Frankenstein Make & Take

Is there any better way to celebrate Halloween than by building one of history’s most iconic monsters? 

We’re inviting you to come and try your hand at bringing Frankenstein’s Monster to life this Halloween! Visit your local LEGO store in the last week of October to have a go at building your very own LEGO Frankenstein’s Monster, and then take the finished model home for free. 

He’ll make an excellent addition to the family!

Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt

Take part in a Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt that’s much more treat than trick!

Stop by your local LEGO store in the last week of October to join in the Halloween hunt, searching for all the missing pumpkins for a chance to win a fun treat.

Get into the Halloween spirit to find and tick off all the missing pumpkins, then show your finished card to a Brick Specialist to claim your reward!

Shadow Puppets

Put on your creative caps (or should that be witch's hats?) and get crafting some shadow puppets out of LEGO bricks to add a terrifying twist to playtime! 

There are endless fun shapes to build out of bricks – think Halloween pumpkins and ghoulish ghosts – and all you need to bring them to life is a flashlight! 

Once kids have built their Halloween-themed silhouettes with LEGO bricks, simply shine a flashlight behind them to project them onto a wall and watch the shadows come to life. With enough imagination, kids can even act out scary stories with their new shadow puppets!

Why not have a go at using our LEGO ghost building instructions to get started?

Halloween LEGO brick building race

Turn the brick building into a fun competition by racing to see who can complete their Halloween LEGO model first!

Simply pick a fun shape to build and hand out instructions for everyone to follow – then set the timer and get building! Try our LEGO building instructions to build a blue ghost or bring Frankenstein’s monster to life with bricks. 

Whoever completes their creepy craft first wins a prize. Celebrate with some classic Halloween candy, or give little LEGO toy fans a real treat with a scary LEGO set like the Halloween Cat & Mouse, Haunted House or Halloween Owl!

Halloween Mystery Box 

Do you dare to reach into the Halloween mystery box? Stick your hand in if you’re feeling brave, and take a guess at what’s inside!

For this game, place a special Halloween LEGO toy inside a box – keep it fun with one of our LEGO 4-Stud Storage Bricks or stay in the Halloween spirit by using the LEGO Skeleton or Pumpkin storage heads – and get daring kids to reach inside while blindfolded to try and guess what the toy is.

Stay in the Halloween mood with toys like the LEGO | Disney – Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion, or include hair-raising sets from an exciting range of other themes such as the BrickHeadz™ Demogorgon & Eleven for Stranger Things™ fans, Minecraft® The Skeleton Dungeon for ghoulish gamers, or the Ghostbusters™ ECTO-1 for young ghost hunters.

If kids can guess the toy correctly, they get to play with it for even more frightening fun!

Stick the heart on the skeleton

A scary spin on the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’! Keep it simple with a cut-out poster of a skeleton, or use LEGO building instructions to build your own skeleton out of bricks!

The aim of the game is to make the skeleton less scary by sticking a heart on its bony chest. Cut a heart shape out of paper and use sticky tape to make things child friendly! Kids can then take it in turns to be blindfolded and try to stick the heart on the skeleton.

Halloween piñata 

Piñatas are a party staple, so they’re a must-have for a fun Halloween! 

Bring the family together to craft a new tradition with piñatas inspired by iconic Halloween elements. Paper pumpkins, anyone? 

The fun continues when kids get to knock down the Halloween piñata and enjoy the treats inside! Fill it with candy, or even some smaller LEGO toys like the LEGO Demogorgon Key Chain for an extra little surprise.

More Halloween games with LEGO Insiders

For even more frightfully fun Halloween activities, become a LEGO® Insider! It’s totally free and there are loads more ghostly games and creepy craft ideas awaiting you if you sign up…

Halloween Masks 

LEGO® Insiders members can scare up a treat with a range of fun printable Halloween masks. 

There are 4 separate designs to download and print off, with cut out holes for eyes and string. Choose from Frankenstein’s Monster, a Halloween pumpkin, or scary LEGO minifigure heads!

Halloween Activity Pack

The LEGO Insiders Halloween Activity Pack is bursting with fun activities for kids to get into the Halloween spirit.   

Use coloured pencils to bring Halloween scenes to life, help a witch go trick or treating by untangling the trails, and play a ghostly game of spot the difference! Simply download and print the activity pack to unlock hours of Halloween fun.

Halloween Building Instructions

Bring out the LEGO bricks to build some Halloween-themed models using our printable page of building instructions! 

These simple builds are perfect to bring some Halloween spirit to family time. Parents can help kids build four different models: a ghost, pumpkin, witch or skeleton!

Explore the full range of LEGO Halloween products for even more inspiration, or plan ahead for the holidays by checking out our Black Friday gift guides or Christmas recommendations!

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