Celebrate 5 amazing guys who rebuild lives with the new LEGO® Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft set

Celebrate five amazing guys who rebuild lives with the new LEGO® Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft set

From the minute Queer Eye landed on our screens, the tear-inducing show has provided funny, moving, wholesome watching that’s all about embracing diversity, body positivity and acceptance on soooo many levels. Each episode makes you appreciate the beauty of everyone, encouraging self-love via self-care and looking after yourself inside and out. 

In watching, we fell in love with five individuals – with five big hearts – who build people up and leave a long-lasting, positive impact on their lives. Yes, we’re talking about Tan, Jonathan, Karamo, Antoni and Bobby, who all use their own personal experiences to show kindness, love and empathy towards others. 

Basically, it’s the show that cheers you up when you ‘strugs to func’ (thx Jonathan).

To pay homage to them, we’re showing off a few of the fabulous features of our new LEGO® Queer Eye set, complete with LEGO minifigures of the truly amazing ‘make-better’ dream-team, plus wigs, clothes, accessories and much more.

Antoni’s kitchen

Self-care starts by putting tasty, healthy things on your plate and that’s where Antoni comes in. Not only does he teach new skills in the kitchen to those who need guidance, he also promotes healthy eating and showcases the beauty of connecting with others through cooking. 

This LEGO brick kitchen, complete with cooking island, coffee machine and well-stocked refrigerator, is where he whips up his culinary magic while proffering up pearls of wisdom and encouraging us to “treat vegetables with the love and kindness they deserve.” Is that pickle juice in the green jar? You decide.

Tan’s closet

First up, we’re jealous that Queer Eye’s clothing expert Tan ALWAYS looks amaze both IRL and in his minifigure version. With this LEGO set, the witty British-born Pakistani can rifle through his rack of clothing, cherry-picking styles to create all those elevated looks that transform the minifigure heroes… because of course clothes make the make-over. Tan restores people’s confidence and makes them feel good in what they wear, completing the looks with his signature French Tuck.

Jonathan’s hair salon

“How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you.” Jonathan Van Ness is the enthusiastic cheerleader of the Fab Five team who helps the heroes schedule in ‘me’ time through self-care moments and grooming routines. He has so many iconic moments in the show,as well as a kindness about him that makes the heroes feel extra special. Hair is, of course, everything, and with all those extra wigs included in this set, you can recreate the full Jonathan hair-transformation-and-cheer-in-front-of-the-mirror moment.

Bobby’s inspired interior design

Talented interior designer Bobby Berk revamps homes to look beautiful, while also improving the functionality of the space to make the heroes’ lives easier and more organized. So, who else but Bobby to mastermind the interior design fabulosity of the (real) Fab Five loft? We recreated the tasteful feng shui arrangement with LEGO bricks and think the perfectly applied paint strip swatch card is a clue that the space has been Berk-approved. As Bobby says: “When you’re happy at home it spills into every other area of your life.”

Karamo’s couch and scrap book

“When people build up walls, they end up keeping other people out. But they’re also keeping themselves in.” We know Karamo isn’t talking about the walls in this set, but it’s a great example of the polymath’s sage life advice. Karamo is the team’s culture expert, therapist, coach and all-round feel-good guy, whose intimate chats with the heroes help them in their healing and transformation. He loves scrap-booking and vision-boarding to show the heroes’ progress, encouraging them to overcome the adversity they’ve faced. There’s a nod to it in our LEGO set with the little scrap book on the coffee table.

The transformation chamber

This is where the before-and-after magic happens. We love that you can place your minifigure hero behind the door, in their ‘before’ look, then swivel the gear wheels and… ta-da… cue mega-tears when the guest minifigure’s awesome new look is out in the open.

Gets us right in the feels. Every. Single. Time.

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