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Optimus Prime

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Bring the leader of the Autobots to life like never before

Details for true Transformers fans

An icon rises

In robot mode, the model stands over 13.5 in. (35 cm) tall.

Convert without rebuilding

Optimus Prime changes to a truck without taking model apart.

Mighty robot

Optimus Prime's armor features 19 points of articulation.

Take on the Decepticons

Accessories include ion blaster, Energon axe and jetpack.

Legendary leader

Chest chamber stores the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Behind the scenes

Transformers fans can pay tribute with included display plaque.

  • Autobots, transform and roll out!

    Just like the real Transformers robots, LEGO® Optimus Prime converts from robot to truck with a few simple steps.
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Why LEGO® Optimus Prime is the set Transformers fans have all been waiting for

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