LEGO® Star Wars™ Inspiration

LEGO® Star Wars™ – This Is How We Play

Help kids go beyond the bricks, by making creative Star Wars™ stories of their own! Discover our top tips to get kids photographing, filming and building as never before…

Brick Photos

Photographing LEGO® Star Wars™ sets is like holding a lightsaber: easy to do, hard to master. Help your kid on their snappy journey!


Join forces with your kid and help them in the ultimate test of their building skills – a LEGO® Star Wars™ diorama.

Brick Films

Film the Force… From sourcing lighting to holding the camera, there is a galaxy of ways you can help produce your kids’ addition to the saga!

See what’s possible

Families from across this quadrant have already made mountains of star-studded films, photos and builds. Why not get some inspiration for your next family play session?

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