LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Harry Potter™

Say ‘Accio’ to these Harry Potter™ collectibles

We don’t have to know Legilimency to know that you are going to adore these BrickHeadz™ tributes to the Wizarding World…

  • A magical quintet

    Create a characterful display to mark the 20th anniversary of the enchanting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™ movie.
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  • It’s Gryffindor™ vs. Ravenclaw™!

    Inspire memories of epic Quidditch™ games with this pair of LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Harry Potter™ figures in their house Quidditch uniforms.
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  • Double the Quidditch™ fun

    Fans can relive the magic of Slytherin™ vs. Hufflepuff™ Quidditch™ games as they build these fun Draco Malfoy™ and Cedric Diggory figures.
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  • Bring on the style!

    Recreate the unique and stylish looks of 2 iconic Harry Potter™ characters with LEGO® bricks.
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  • Pay attention, class! It’s Hogwarts™ finest

    Looking for a master of magic? Conjure up an awesome foursome of Hogwarts™ professors!
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  • Get the gang back together

    Harry, Hermione, Ron & Hagrid™ (40495)
    Roll back the years and pay tribute to 4 of the greatest witches, wizards and half-giants the Wizarding World has ever known. And no, you haven’t accidentally drunk a Love Potion, these versions of Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™, Ron Weasley™ and Hagrid really are more adorable than the last!
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