Creating the perfect droid display

Creating the perfect droid display

Droids can be the ultimate companion – they’re loyal, helpful and utterly adorable, especially the brick-built ones. Most importantly, they make for an incredible LEGO® Star Wars display!

Droids have had a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans, ever since R2-D2 first beeped onto the silver screen in 1977. These loyal metal sidekicks are packed full of heart, and personality. It’s no wonder generations of fans adore them. Droids play an important role in the Star Wars universe, from translation and navigation, to cooking and fighting in battles – there’s little they can’t do. Their popularity and importance throughout the Star Wars universe is unrivalled, and the fact that only R2-D2 and C-3PO have appeared in every one of the ‘canonical’ nine movies shows their relevance.

Over the years, several droids have received the LEGO brick treatment. Building your own droid not only turns you into a brick-wielding droidsmith, but it also means you get to create your own epic droid display at home. The ultimate show piece for any LEGO Star Wars fan!

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