Best LEGO® Animated TV Series for Kids

Best LEGO® Animated TV Series for Kids

Many years ago, we took a bit of a leap of faith and began to make dedicated LEGO® TV shows.

It was a fun challenge to think outside the bricks for a change, and create animated shows that have delighted and captivated audiences in ways we never thought possible…

Today, we’re proud to produce some of the best animated series for kids out there. But recently, we’ve taken things to a whole new realm with the launch of the fantastical, high-concept LEGO DREAMZzz™ TV series. We’ve also reimagined our classic kids shows like LEGO NINJAGO® and LEGO Friends into brand-new series!

With so many exciting developments taking place, we thought it was a perfect time to write this fun TV Guide on all the top animated LEGO TV shows at the moment.


Imagine a place where everything your kid ever dreamed of, actually existed! That is the central premise of our new LEGO® DREAMZzz™ show.

The dream world is an incredible place, crammed with fantastical realms populated by extraordinary dream creatures – from the super-futuristic Cyber Realm to the expansive pirate-themed Swashbuckle Summit (arrr!).

But where there are dreams... nightmares often follow. In season 1 of the show, we meet Mateo, Izzie, Cooper and Logan – a group of ordinary high-schoolers who stumble upon the portal to the dream world and must master the secrets of dream crafting to defeat the evil Nightmare King.

In season 2, we meet the Never Witch: a new villain so evil, even the Nightmare King is scared of her! Terrified of change, she steals people’s memories to force everything to stay as it once was. Our heroes will once again have to use their creativity, imagination and focus to save the dream world – and learn a thing or two about the importance of embracing change in the process. Can they do it before it’s too late and the Never Witch has doomed it all? No spoilers, watch and see...

The LEGO DREAMZzz theme has been by far our most researched ever: 3-and-a-half years in the making and tens of thousands of kids and gift-givers spoken to.

The vast majority of those kids told us how important dreams were to their creativity, which guided us to make this show about the limitless power of dreams. It also gave us a chance to explore the importance of sleep for kids, which you can read about in our dedicated article.

Or you can read our deep dive into exactly how we made the LEGO DREAMZzz show!

We are as excited as ever to continue the adventure of the latest LEGO TV series. All the info you’ll need about this expansive theme – as well as where to watch it – can be found on our About page:


One of the most well-known LEGO TV shows until now has been NINJAGO®: Masters of Spinjitzu.

For over a decade, viewers have been treated to more thrills, adventures and razor-sharp one-liners than you can shake a katana at. Millions have followed the fearless ninja Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Nya on their incredible journeys across 15 seasons.

Their adventures even took them to Hollywood, with the blockbuster ‘THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE™’.

But if awesome ninja and heroic battles first attracted viewers to the show, it’s the detailed lore that has kept fans engaged. A quick online search will reveal thousands of fan theories surrounding every tiny aspect of the NINJAGO world.

The depth of the mythology can be chiefly attributed to the show’s creators, so you’ll be pleased to hear that the same team is behind the new LEGO DREAMZzz series, too…

Of course, there is one teeny detail we’re missing regarding the enduring appeal of the NINJAGO universe… the sets! Why not read a cherry-picked list of our favorites?

And you’ll find out all you need to know about the story so far on our dedicated NINJAGO page.

Dragons Rising

Here at the LEGO Group, we like a challenge… Why do just one major show launch in a year… when we could have two?!

The new Dragons Rising show is set following a dramatic event in the saga that took place after the thrilling conclusion of the final LEGO NINJAGO season.

We are introduced to Arin and Sora, two talented youngsters, who soon meet the legendary ninja, who’ve been missing for several years.

Arin and Sora get to live out the dream of every young ninja fan: to be trained by the legendary Green Ninja!

Our new Dragons Rising series is supercharging the NINJAGO universe to new heights, combining several distant realms to create an unlimited playground of potential stories. You can find out exactly how, on this page…

The sets are reflective of both that growing NINJAGO universe… and of the central importance of dragons in this new NINJAGO adventure! (Because you can’t spell NINJAGO without dragons…)

LEGO® Friends

Another show, another milestone, another makeover. After a decade of LEGO Friends, our beloved cast of original characters – Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Mia and Andrea – have grown up and are now continuing their amazing adventures around the world.

Meanwhile, back in Heartlake City (the hometown of LEGO Friends), 8 new characters are just arriving…

Coming from many different backgrounds, and equipped with all types of interests, the new series of LEGO Friends explores the many joys and challenges of modern friendships that our young viewers will instantly recognize.

Personalities may clash, tempers may flare, but ultimately our group learn the benefit of making space for one another and find ways of encouraging their new friendships to blossom.

With our new core cast of characters – Aliya, Paisley, Leo, Liann, Zac, Olly, Autumn and Nova – we know that every child watching will find someone or something that resonates with them, no matter who they are or where they come from.

You can read all about the amazing new adventures taking place in Heartlake City on our Friends About page.

And you can meet the new characters for yourself, by checking out our fantastic array of new sets!

So there you have it! Those are our top animated LEGO TV shows as of right now. As you can see, there’s been a fair few changes that we are really excited about, to help keep our family TV series updated, fresh and as appealing to brand-new viewers as they are to long-time fans.

Also – we couldn’t do a LEGO TV guide without mentioning this once – if you are looking for family TV shows that aren’t animated, be sure to tune in to the smash-hit LEGO Masters TV series!

It’s an exhilarating reality competition show where teams of talented builders go head-to-head, showcasing their creativity to construct awe-inspiring LEGO creations that push the boundaries of what is possible with LEGO bricks. We’ve had spin-offs all around the world (though not in EVERY country, unfortunately), so give it a quick search online to find the LEGO Masters show closest to your region.

Happy viewing!