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The Top 6 LEGO® Dog Toys For Kids

Are your young ones barking mad for cute dogs and precious puppies? Bring canines to playtime without the responsibility with the most adorable LEGO® dog sets and watch your kids’ fun go through the woof!

We’ve collected eight of our favorite dog figures and sets to entertain your children and decorate your home.

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ – French Bulldog

Make friends with this smart-looking duo of adorable French bulldogs! A full-grown dog and a pup sit side-by-side with matching blue scarves and collars and come accompanied by a buildable fire hydrant, all placed on a city-side surface.

They look great as part of a larger BrickHeadz™ display or on their own – and make a wonderful gift for fans of these big-eared dogs.

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ – St. Bernard

St. Bernards are big dogs – and these BrickHeadz miniatures have big hearts! With an adult St. Bernard and its pup, as well as a grassy plant, they look wide-eyed and sweet with their tongues hanging out.

Add them to other BrickHeadz for a cool stylized look to your sets or have them stand proud around the home to showcase a love of this distinctive breed.

LEGO® Friends – Olivia’s Electric Car

Take this electric car out for an environmentally friendly spin! The blue-and-pink vehicle is ready for a road trip with Olivia and Mia in the front seat, with space for cute puppy Elliot in the back.

Stop along the way for Elliot to snack on a bone and for the car to charge up using the equally green-themed wind turbine and solar panel, pick up a croissant for the girls, then it’s back on the road!

LEGO® City – Fire Station

This fire station dog is part of the team! Join the pup as well as Finn McCormack, Freya McCloud and the other firefighters as they slide down the fire pole to the engine and head off to deal with the stranded kitten.

Then, when fire strikes, mobilize in the helicopter complete with a splat-launcher, grab the rescue ladder, and get everyone to safety.

The set combines with other LEGO City sets using the LEGO Road Plate so the adventure can get even bigger!

LEGO® City – Ice-Cream Truck

Cool off with this sweet ice cream truck! Kids can live out their dreams of being in charge of all the tasty goods by serving ice cream cones to LEGO City citizens like the customer on a skateboard with their cute dog.

There’s space inside the truck for the ice cream lady to work, and loads of ice cream accessories to serve to anyone going past. Combine with other LEGO City sets to deliver to everyone in the city!

LEGO Friends – Doggy Day Care

If you know children who love to take care of dogs, pick up a Doggy Day Care set and help LEGO Friends Emma keep her pet pals clean and exercised.

Take the dogs for a scrub in the bath, jump them through the agility tunnel, and then return them home, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

The set comes with neat grooming equipment, a cash register, a grooming area and even a little dog mess for cleaning up, as well as loads of other LEGO dog accessories for telling all sorts of different stories!<br>

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