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Let your imagination bloom

Create a beautiful bouquet from LEGO® pieces for a stunning display that never withers.

LEGO® Flower Bouquet

Discover your favourite blooms

Varieties include LEGO® ‘roses’, ‘daisies’ and ‘asters’.

A range of shapes and colours

15 stems with a mix of flower and leaf varieties.

Plants from plants

Includes elements made from sustainable materials.

A unique gift

Make a change from the usual gifts by surprising a friend or loved one with this LEGO® Flower Bouquet.

Inspirational design

In this set, the LEGO® designers have created a building experience, with a stunning display piece for flower lovers to enjoy.

Ornament din flori uscate

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Buchet de flori de câmp

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Evaluare medie5din 5 stele
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Plante suculente

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