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Zilele LEGO® Insiders – în curândAflă mai multe


Empire State Building


Retired product

Pericol de sufocare.
Piese mici.
Instrucțiuni de construcție

An architectural icon

Construct a highly detailed LEGO® Architecture replica of New York’s world-famous Empire State Building

A towering centrepiece for the home or office

Celebrate outstanding architecture with this iconic New York souvenir

LEGO® Architecture Empire State Building

An epic display piece

360° displayable model with four highly detailed facades

Innovative design

Recreate the building's symmetrical curtain wall design.

Iconic tower

Features the famous art deco antenna tower.

Celebrate New York's architecture

This displayable model delivers a rewarding building experience to all those with an interest in architecture, travel, history and design.

Realistic colour and scale depiction

LEGO® Architecture interpretation of a real-world New York landmark: the Empire State Building
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