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Set de extindere Bătălia de la Castelul lui Bowser

LEGO® Super Mario™ LEGO® Super Mario™

Retired product

Un cadou festiv de sărbători, în ediție limitată, la achiziții LEGO® de peste 755 lei; oferta este valabilă între 01.12 și 24.12, în limita stocului disponibil.*

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Fun Expansion Set for family gameplay

Flipping, shaking and spinning challenges for LEGO® Mario™ (figure not included) in the LEGO Super Mario™ universe.

Modular building set for action-packed games

This 1,010-piece, boss battle set for ages 8+ features a variety of skill-based challenges and iconic enemies to defeat.

LEGO® Super Mario™ Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set

Let the games begin

Starter Course (71360) is required for gameplay.

LEGO® Mario™ vs. Bowser

Kids get to match LEGO® Mario™ against Bowser in real life.

Rewarding action bricks

Stomp the flippers, raise Bowser's arms and find action bricks.

More exciting gameplay

LEGO® Mario™ must balance on the platform to defeat Boo.

Time Block

Access the Time Block for extra time to win digital coins.

LEGO® Super Mario™ app

Digital tools to make building and play extra fun for kids.

Combines with other LEGO® Super Mario™ sets

The modular LEGO® Super Mario™ system allows fans to expand and rebuild unique levels for unlimited social or solo gameplay.