Zero waste

A figure made of bricks, stepping on another brick

We believe good toys should never go to waste

How many toys work as well today as the day you bought them? LEGO® bricks keep clicking together beautifully. New elements made today fit perfectly with the first LEGO bricks produced over 60 years ago. So you can play on and on, and many hand their bricks down and down through generations.

The quality and durability come from our strict safety process for every new element. We simulate things like children biting, dropping, and stepping on LEGO elements to ensure they don’t break.

LEGO bricks jumping our of a box while LEGO figures happily watch

LEGO® Replay

The LEGO Replay program makes it easy for families to pass LEGO bricks onto children in need of play in a circle of kindness that goes around and round.

A small LEGO figure holding a paper bag

We’ve been playing with paper packaging

It feels so much better, using paper. That’s why we’re in the process of replacing single-use plastic with paper-based bags in our boxes. This will mean LEGO packaging can go in the paper recycling bin in many places around the world.