LEGO® Approach to digital safety and Responsible Child Engagement

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We’re serious about safe play

Play is such a vital way for children to learn and grow. As a brand that’s all about play, we’re dedicated to ensuring it’s safe, whether in the real or the digital world. That’s why we were the first toy company to partner with UNICEF and set new standards in everything we do.
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Build & Talk with your child

Fun, free activities to talk about online safety
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Safe social media for kids

Our online experiences are safe-by-design, like our social media platform LEGO Life that avoids sharing personal information, images and locations. Instead, we use a random 3-word generator to give every child a funny name like ‘DukeCharmingShrimp’ or ‘ChairmanWilyDolphin.’ Accounts are created with Verified Parental Consent to make sure parents are involved all the way. All comments and photos are controlled by trained moderators, so things are kept positive and fun. The safe-by-design policy extends to our digital games as well.
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A wholehearted commitment

We committed to the Children’s Rights and Business Principles – a 10-point charter that ensures companies respect children’s rights and safeguard their wellbeing. That meant a global process for employee screening, responsible marketing and setting standards for the partners we work with. And we hope to inspire other companies to follow in due course.
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Safety tips for parents

More tips to help you keep your kids safe online, inspired by our partner in safety - UNICEF.