Braccialetto Love Birds


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Ricevi il set Il parco giochi del Galeone dei pirati in omaggio con gli acquisti LEGO® pari o superiori a 100 €, dal 22/5 al 3/6 fino a esaurimento scorte.*

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Endless possibilities for self-expression

With LEGO DOTS sets, kids can make their own Love Birds Bracelet jewelry in minutes while growing their creative confidence.

1 bracelet, 32 tiles - share the design love

Kids can design the bracelet to fit their interests, then swap tiles around to redesign it to match their mood.

LEGO DOTS Love Birds Bracelet

Experimentation and open play

Kids can decorate the bracelet to match their personality.

Customizable and playful

Kids can create and share cool designs with their friends.

The right fit every time

Easy to fasten snap, with 5 ways to fit small or big wrists.

An imagination booster

Kids can create the included designs or make up their own.

New design possibilities

The separate Extra DOTS - series 1 packs add more fun ideas.

Canvas for kids' creativity

More options sold separately to create and express any mood.