Iron Man Armoury


Retired product

Small parts.
Building Instructions

Great gift for Avengers fans

Transport kids to the Iron Man Armoury for Marvel Avengers action and adventure.

Role-play adventures in the Avengers Universe

Young superheroes can role-play endless Iron Man stories as he battles 2 enemy intruders and drives his awesome hot rod.

LEGO® Marvel Avengers Iron Man Armoury

Awesome vehicle

Kids can fix up and drive the super-cool hot rod car.

On-board stud shooters

The hot rod has a shooting function for battles on the move.

Cool Iron Man armour

Kids must protect Iron Man's armour from 2 enemy agents.

Fun to build

Easy-to-follow instructions ensure kids can build with confidence, assembling the 258-piece playset without delay.

Includes iconic figures

This versatile playset includes a Tony Stark minifigure, 2 Iron Man suits and 2 enemy A.I.M. agents.
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