LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of 2 400 kr or more*Learn more

LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of 2 400 kr or more*Learn more

LEGO® Art Floral Art

1 set, 3 options, 5 possible color combinations

It’s up to you which style of flower and which color palette you choose to work with. Choose one now, change it later. Want to refresh your gallery wall? Create a new version, with a different flower style and color family, or mix it up even further and create something completely new. Need to brighten up a different space? Choose your favorite botanical image and colors, and have some decorative fun.

How do you want to decorate your space?

Each of the 3 flower options offers you 4 different variations to choose from. Your wall, your choice. Feeling colorful? Choose a bold palette and striking flower and add a pop of color. In a restrained mood? Recreate your favorite flower with subtler colors to add a hint of whimsy. Find your zen.

Same set, new blossoms

Let your imagination bloom

Open botanical creativity is at your fingertips with this imaginative set. Bring bold colors and design possibilities into your home. Enjoy a zone of joyful zen filled with flowers, peace and stress relief as you click each tile into place. Choose the flowers and color variants, then design, create and show them off.

Add color and joy to your home

Spark your joy with a gorgeous, handmade project. Make many variations of the flowers and the background, before framing and setting it in a place of honor on a wall or shelf. Coordinate it with your decor, or make a focal piece for a gallery wall; the choice, and creative expression, is yours!