Best gifts for gamers

Finding the best gift for gamers can seem like a mission, especially if they are someone who already has everything. So, what kind of gift can you get for a gamer? We have a variety of LEGO® sets inspired by video games, retro consoles and characters that they will love. With a touch of nostalgia, plenty of hidden references and hours of fun, here are some of the best LEGO gifts for gamers.

PAC-MAN Arcade

The LEGO® PAC-MAN Arcade is a nostalgic building set that will take you back to the iconic 1980s maze-chase video game. It includes everything you need to build the PAC-MAN Arcade cabinet and a display case with rotatable PAC-MAN, BLINKY and CLYDE figures, plus a 1980s arcade scene with a gaming minifigure. The cabinet has a 4-way joystick, an illuminating coin slot, an adjustable game score display and a mechanical maze that simulates the classic chase between the game characters. The PAC-MAN Arcade cabinet (non-functional gaming system) measures over 32 cm high, 25 cm wide and 17 cm deep. This is an ideal gift for adult fans of retro video games, immersing them in a world of nostalgia as they relive the excitement of playing PAC-MAN in the arcade.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck

From the uniquely breathtaking post-post-apocalyptic world of Horizon comes the LEGO brick Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck. In a distant future, where humans live in primitive tribes and the world is dominated by animal-like machines, Tallnecks are the most awe-inspiring.These huge machines patrol the landscapes of the Earth reborn, essential for players as they venture further into the unknown as the brave machine hunter Aloy. As Aloy navigates the mysteries of the Forbidden West, she must scale these towering communications machines, downloading critical map data to aid her on her mission to save the world from ecological collapse.Perfect for any gamer who loves Horizon Zero Dawn or Forbidden West, this Tallneck comes with authentic details – from its iconic disk-shaped head to its long slim legs. The set also comes with a Watcher and Aloy figure. This LEGO® set is designed for adults and makes a great display model.

Donkey Kong

Jungle fun awaits with this exciting LEGO® Super Mario™ Expansion Set. With Donkey Kong’s Tree House, kids can explore the wild world of Donkey Kong™, joining Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong on an exciting adventure that includes everything from banana-gifting, to conga drum-playing and hammock-napping.

This 555-piece set is full of authentic details that bring the tree house to life. Explore the set, with its buildable TV, radio and secret compartment, ‘play’ the conga drums, and knock the banana off the palm tree.

And to make playtime even better, the set can be combined with other LEGO® Super Mario™ expansion sets and starter courses for endless adventures.

LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Courses

Bring the fun of Super Mario™ to life with LEGO® Super Mario™ sets. To get started, you will need one of the three starter courses. Choose from: Adventures with Mario Starter Course, Adventures with Luigi Starter Course or Adventures with Peach Starter Course.

Each starter course comes with an interactive figure with a colour sensor that shows their reactions via an LCD screen, and a speaker that can play recognisable sounds and music from the iconic video games.

Each of the starter courses includes various challenges and level designs that you can play through using the interactive figure, making a great gift for young fans of the Super Mario™ video games.

LEGO® Mario™

Enjoy hours of creative, competitive fun with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course. The 231-piece playset includes an interactive LEGO® Mario™ figure which responds to action tags in LEGO Super Mario set elements. These trigger a variety of different reactions from LEGO Mario, building even more immersive fun.

The starter course also combines with other LEGO® Super Mario™ expansion sets, so kids can create fun new challenges and levels to explore.

With multiple ways to play, it’s a great gift for kids aged 6+ to get creative and flex their building skills. They can go head-to-head with their friends and family while trying to beat each other's highest coin count, or even add another starter course to team up for 2-player fun.

LEGO® Luigi™

The Adventures with Luigi Starter Course is a great starter set to introduce kids to the world of LEGO® Super Mario™. Along with the interactive LEGO® Luigi™ figure, this 280-piece set includes spinning, seesawing and flying challenges for solo play, or connect another interactive figure for 2-player social play (other interactive figures not included, Starter Course 71403, 71360 or 71387 required).

The playset also includes a Pink Yoshi to interact with, Boom Boom and a Bone Goomba to defeat, and a ? Block that offers extra rewards. Build one course, navigate the challenges and then kids can rebuild and play again. The Starter Course is a great gift for kids on their birthday or the holidays.

Adventures with Peach Starter Course

Average rating4.2out of 5 stars
Price829,90 kr
Hard to find

Adventures with Mario Starter Course

Average rating3.5out of 5 stars
Price829,90 kr
Only on

The Team-Up Bundle

Average rating2.6out of 5 stars
Price1498,00 kr
Hard to find

Adventures with Luigi Starter Course

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
Price829,90 kr

LEGO® Super Mario™ expansion sets

If they already have a LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course, there are plenty of expansion sets and character packs available so they can combine and customise their existing levels. 

The expansion sets include even more obstacles and characters for exciting new adventures and plenty of ways to collect more digital coins. 

There are plenty of ways to customise LEGO® Super Mario™ levels with our amazing selection of expansion sets, making them fantastic gifts for fans.

Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Set

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price1529,90 kr

Picnic at Mario's House Expansion Set

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price499,90 kr

Larry's and Morton’s Airships Expansion Set

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price1169,90 kr

Peach's Garden Balloon Ride Expansion Set

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price659,90 kr

Larry's and Morton’s Airships Expansion Set

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price1169,90 kr
Last Chance
- 40%

Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion Set

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price900,00 krSale Price540,00 kr
Last Chance
- 40%

Big Bad Island Expansion Set

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price580,00 krSale Price348,00 kr

Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set

Average rating4out of 5 stars
Price119,90 kr

The Mighty Bowser™

Gamers can recreate the iconic king of the Koopas at home with this LEGO® Super Mario™ The Mighty Bowser™ buildable figure. This 2,807-piece set features a fully posable character with lots of authentic details to delight fans, plus a display stand.

With a button to control his head and neck movements, a fireball launcher, plus posable arms and fingers, Super Mario fans will have loads of options for both play and display.

The finished model can be displayed on the brick-built battle platform, complete with two towers to knock over, a hidden POW Block, and an action tag for digital reactions from an interactive figure (interactive figures not included, Starter Course 71403, 71360 or 71387 required).

This impressive set is a great gift for gamers and adult fans of the Super Mario™ series.

LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™

Recreate classic Super Mario Bros.™ gameplay with this cool LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™.Whether they played the console back in the day, or love the retro consoles, there are plenty of authentic details within the LEGO® NES™, making it the perfect display piece. The set comes with a buildable NES, with a functioning opening slot for the buildable Game Pak, and a controller.It also comes with a retro TV featuring a Mario figure on the scrolling screen. If you have the LEGO® Mario™ figure from the LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course set, there is a slot on the TV for the figure which will make him react to enemies, obstacles and power-ups on the TV screen.This set is a great gift for gamers and adult fans of the Super Mario™ series looking to bring back fond memories of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

LEGO® Super Mario 64™ Question Mark Block

Pay tribute to the classic Super Mario 64™ video game in LEGO® style with this brick-built version of the ? Block for display and interactive play.Any Super Mario™ fan will love building this 2,064-piece set. Inside the ? Block is Princess Peach’s Castle and 3 more levels with plenty of surprises to discover. Build and display or use the interactive figure from a LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course to play your way through this collectible LEGO set.Together with the 4 detailed levels within the ? Block, it also comes with 10 LEGO® Super Mario™ characters including Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Chain Chomp and more. This set is perfect if you’re looking for a fun and interactive gift for an adult Super Mario™ fan or gamer.

LEGO® Atari® 2600

Designed especially for adults, the LEGO® Atari® 2600 building set is a true homage to classic gaming, and features a replica console, game cartridges and a joystick.Relive the glory days of gaming with three of the most beloved Atari® games - Asteroids™, Adventure and Centipede™ - with the three included game cartridges. Each cartridge fits into the vintage-style console and can be stored safely in the cartridge holder. The set features artwork inspired by the original Atari® designs, with an added touch of the LEGO set creativity, making it a one-of-a-kind collector's item.There’s even a hidden vignette of a 1980s scene for you to bring to life, featuring nostalgic details like a boom box, a retro phone and roller skates. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned gamer or a lover of all things retro, this set is the perfect way to capture the magic of gaming's golden age.

Sonic the Hedgehog™ – Green Hill Zone

The Green Hill Zone is one of the most recognised gaming levels, featuring as the first level of the platform game Sonic the Hedgehog™ in 1991. If you’re struggling to find gifts for gamers who love nostalgia and Sonic, look no further!

Gamers can build their own Green Hill Zone out of LEGO® bricks with this 1,125-piece set. Authentic obstacles and details include a palm tree, a loop, and a lever-activated spring for Super Sonic Jumps, plus so many more. It also includes a Sonic the Hedgehog figure, as well as a brick-built Dr. Eggman with two face options, and the iconic Eggmobile.

Defy gravity, collect rings and emeralds, and play your way through one of gaming’s most memorable levels with the LEGO Ideas Green Hill Zone set. Discover the history of Sonic’s Green Hill Zone here.

Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge

For young Sonic fans aged 8+, Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge is the ultimate playset, packed with fast-action fun. Kids get to team up with their favourite blue hedgehog to save animals from Dr. Eggman and the Badniks, sending Sonic speeding across the loop-de-loop course with the speed sphere launcher.

The set features a cast of recognisable characters, including Amy, who’s ready to defeat the Badniks Chopper and Newtron with her water scooter. And after kids join forces with the heroes to save the animals, they can role-play their own Sonic the Hedgehog™ adventures with Sonic, Amy and their new animal friends.

Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg Robot

The terrible Dr. Eggman and his minion Cubot have captured Sonic’s animal friends to power their inventions. Now it’s up to you to rescue them!

Courageous kids will need to use their skills – and Sonic’s speed sphere – to defeat Dr. Eggman, navigating the ramp and spikes to save the day. Once they’ve gathered intel at the research station and rescued the animals from the Death Egg Robot, they can return to safety and get ready for the next mission.

Whether they’re recreating their favourite Sonic stories or dreaming up their own adventures, this action-packed set has everything kids aged 8+ need for fast-paced and creative play.

Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge

Join Sonic on another action-packed adventure. With this fun and versatile LEGO® Sonic the Hedgehog™ playset, kids aged 6 and upwards can have a great time propelling Sonic through a super-cool course using the included speed sphere and launcher.

Kids must help Sonic collect rings and take down the Moto bug Badnik to save his Flicky friend, speeding through the gateway and up the ramp to reach the Chaos Emerald and complete his mission. When they’ve finished, Sonic and the Flicky can relax with a drink and DJ decks while they get ready for the next adventure.

No matter what the occasion, this super LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog™ set makes a great gift for young gamers with big imaginations.

LEGO® Minecraft®

You’ve experienced the pixelated world of Minecraft through a screen. Now, you can bring mining adventures into the real world with our fantastic range of LEGO® Minecraft® toys.

From recreating iconic buildings to meeting heroes and battling hostile mobs, there are endless ways to play with these Minecraft gift ideas for gamers.

The End Arena

Prepare for an epic Minecraft battle in a legendary arena!

An End warrior and a dragon archer go head-to-head in the End arena, battling it out to crown the ultimate hero. But the brave combatants don’t only face each other – they also need to overcome dangerous hazards, including lava blocks that shoot from the Ender Dragon statue’s mouth and a pool of lava hidden beneath their feet.

An enderman and a shulker also join the scene, along with familiar game accessories like a golden carrot and a potion to inspire more imaginative role-play fun.

The End Arena

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price329,90 kr

The Sword Outpost

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price609,90 kr

The Deep Dark Battle

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price879,90 kr

The Swamp Adventure

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price119,90 kr

The Frozen Peaks

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price459,90 kr

The Panda Haven

Get ready to build the ultimate haven for young gamers, where pandas roam and epic battles unfold!

This supersized panda doubles as a 3-storey house, boasting furnished rooms and joints that allow it to move like a real panda. Kids can stand it tall, let it roam on all fours, or watch it sit comfortably as they rearrange the interior. And that’s not all! A bamboo jungle sits at the doorstep, where fans can delight in feeding cake to adorable pandas.

With authentic accessories and characters, including a jungle explorer, a baby panda, and even a hostile skeleton to challenge, the adventures are endless with this amazing LEGO® Minecraft® set.

The Panda Haven

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price659,90 kr

The Bee Cottage

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price269,90 kr

The Axolotl House

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price359,90 kr

The Pumpkin Farm

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price499,90 kr

The Fox Lodge

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price269,90 kr

The Mushroom House

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price269,90 kr

The Iron Golem Fortress

Introducing the ultimate creative playset, offering 2 action-packed scenarios to explore.

Minecraft players can build a mighty golem fortress, teaming up with the Crystal Knight and the Golden Knight to protect their base from a Charged Creeper™ and 2 skeleton horsemen. And when they’re ready for more, they can reconfigure the fortress into a giant golem figure with huge, movable arms!

With multiple build options and plenty of familiar features, accessories and characters from the video game, this epic LEGO® Minecraft® set is the perfect gift for young gamers aged 9 and upwards.

The Deep Dark Battle Biome

Get ready for an epic adventure in the Deep Dark biome! Minecraft® fans aged 8+ can join heroes the Arbalest knight and the Netherite knight on an action-packed adventure through an ancient city, mining precious resources as they go. 

But beware! A fearsome warden is waiting in the depths, emerging from the earth to stop them in their tracks. Kids must face the warden in battle, triggering a huge explosion with the flick of a switch to topple the tower and make their escape. 

With loads of exciting features for players to discover, this mighty Minecraft set guarantees hours of explosive fun.

The Sword Outpost

This 427-piece set is the perfect addition to any Minecraft® fan’s world, complete with everything they need to defend their base and fend off attackers.Kids can build a giant diamond sword base into the side of a mountain, complete with a chill-out zone, cookie and jukebox. But watch out! The base is under attack by hostile mobs like the Creeper™ and skeleton. Luckily, Sentinel Soldier and Guardian Warrior figures are there to help defend the outpost, along with a pig and ally with foil wings.This set also includes 2 shooters for added firepower, and a lever at the bottom of the tower which triggers an explosion that collapses part of the structure. It’s perfect for Minecraft fans aged 8 and upwards who love adventure, creativity and gaming.

LEGO® 2K Drive

Welcome to the ultimate LEGO® driving experience.

The LEGO 2K Drive video game puts you in the driver’s seat for the open-world adventure of your dreams, racing around vibrant Bricklandia in a variety of cool and customisable vehicles. Simply assemble your chosen vehicle in the Garage, then off you go!

Take on rival racers to win the coveted Sky Trophy in Story mode, join in single race or Cup Series tournaments, and mix things up with wildly fun minigames. Whether driving solo or taking part in multiplayer adventures, there’s a limitless world of colourful characters and quests to explore.

Suitable for players aged 7 and upwards, this exhilarating LEGO game can be as easy-going or as challenging as you like.

We have plenty of unique and cool gifts for gamers to build, play with or display in their home. All of these gaming-inspired sets will make a fantastic Christmas, holiday or birthday gift. Mission complete!

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