LEGO® BrickHeadz™ | Disney

Fit the enchanting world of Disney in your palm with LEGO® BrickHeadz™ | Disney figures

We’ve sprinkled some pixie dust into these collectible figures, to help make them the perfect gift for all fans of the wonderful world of Disney!

  • Embrace ohana with the adorable Stitch!

    Recreate every cute detail of Stitch in LEGO® brick form as you build the newest addition to your family.
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  • Celebrate Spring Festival with Mickey Mouse!

    Create the iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse in a colorful tang suit, with other authentic details.
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  • Fall in love with EVE & WALL•E

    Celebrate the greatest robot romance in the galaxy as you create all the details of EVE & WALL•E in brick form.
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  • Wonderfully wicked

    They’re the Disney villains we love to hate. Now you can build Disney’s Cruella de Vil and Disney’s Maleficent in BrickHeadz™ style.
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  • Go on a journey like Moana and Merida

    Bold, brave, daring… and fun to build! These 2 Disney characters are prepared for any adventure.
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  • Disney’s Chip ’n Dale, to build and display!

    In this LEGO® brick recreation of the cheeky chipmunks, the pair wear authentic outfits from their show, Disney’s Chip ’n Dale: Rescue Rangers.
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  • Awesome Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story pals

    Gather up the iconic Woody upholding law and order among the toys wherever he goes, and the brave Bo Peep helping lost toys return to their owners.
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  • Get stylish, with Daisy Duck (40476)

    There’s distinctive… and then there’s Daisy Duck’s pink bow. Significantly increase the eyelash count of your Disney figurine collection with the most stylish duck since… well, shall we say ever?
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Get iconic, with Donald Duck (40377)

No Disney or BrickHeadz™ collection would be complete without this figure of a genuine icon of cinema, in his famous blue sailor suit.
  • Get quackin’, with the DuckTales gang (40477)

    If you are singing the DuckTales theme song in your head right now, you already know you need these collectible figurines…
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  • Get goofy, with… Goofy & Pluto (40378)!

    Bring these collectible canine companions into your home display, with two of the most iconic Disney characters ever!
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