13 Best LEGO® ǀ Disney Holiday Sets

Disney adventures are instantly recognizable whether you’re four or 40 – and these LEGO® | Disney sets are packed with the same magic that brings the movies and TV shows to life!

Whether it’s a classic LEGO | Disney Princess, a LEGO | Disney castle or an iconic LEGO ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse collectible, these Disney characters are now yours to build, play and display…

LEGO® I Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera

Capture imaginations this holiday season with the LEGO ǀ Disney Walt Disney Tribute Camera (43230). Thoughtfully designed for adult builders, it makes a charming gift for Disney fans and movie-lovers.

Celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary, the collectable building set includes a vintage-style movie ‘camera’ featuring a film strip showing stills from 20 iconic Disney movies, a director’s clapperboard, multiplane camera and 3 printed screens. The set also includes LEGO | Disney minifigures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Walt Disney, plus Dumbo and Bambi figures, which bring the magic to life.

LEGO® ǀ Disney Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight over London

Enchant a Disney lover this holiday season with the LEGO ǀ Disney Peter Pan & Wendy’s Flight over London (43232) building set, which makes a magical gift for kids aged 10 and up.

Full of Disney movie charm, the set depicts the iconic flying scene from the classic film, featuring London’s Big Ben with 3 glow-in-the-dark clock faces, a cloud with stars and a glow-in-the-dark moon, a river with bridges and a doghouse. Plus, it’s brought to life by LEGO | Disney minifigures of Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell and, once complete, it becomes a stunning display piece that young Disney fans can showcase proudly in their bedrooms.

LEGO® ǀ Disney Princess Enchanted Journey

Journey into spellbinding stories this holiday season with the LEGO ǀ Disney Princess Enchanted Journey. Bursting with fairytale magic, it’s a holiday gift that will thrill Disney princess fans aged 6 and up.

Featuring 3 buildable travel scenes, Disney aficionados can enjoy hours of fun building an open-top carriage, a hot-air balloon and a flying carpet. LEGO ǀ Disney Princess mini-dolls such as Cinderella, Jasmine and Rapunzel, plus adorable elephant and horse figures, bring magic to life and encourage kids to recreate their favorite scenes from the iconic movies.

LEGO® ǀ Disney and Pixar ‘Up’ House

Make imaginations soar this festive season with the iconic house from Disney and Pixar’s Up. Brimming with silver screen magic, it’s an exciting holiday gift for movie lovers aged 9 and up.

Featuring a colorful exterior, porch and balloon details, the buildable model mirrors the iconic house from Up and its interior is full of enchanting accessories. Kids will love exploring the different rooms and discovering the armchair, TV set and Carl and Ellie’s wedding photo. Minifigures of beloved Up characters Carl Fredricksen and Russell, plus a figure of adorable pooch Dug, breathe life into the set and let kids live out their favorite scenes from the Disney and Pixar modern classic.

LEGO® ǀ Disney: Disney Duos

Build and display a set of dynamic Disney duos with this LEGO ǀ Disney: Disney Duos building set, which makes a magical holiday gift for kids aged 6 and up, as well as grown-up movie fans.

Based on 4 iconic Disney movies, kids can have fun building Lumiere and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo, Pua and Hei Hei from Moana and Meeko and Percy from Pocahontas. Every character is posable to encourage imaginative play and each pair comes with a connectable display stand, making it easy to show off the impressive models once complete. The set is also available on the LEGO Builder App, which allows a team to build it together.

LEGO® ǀ Disney Aurora’s Castle

Step into a magical kingdom with the LEGO ǀ Disney Aurora’s Castle building set. Sprinkled with fairytale magic, it’s a dream holiday gift for kids aged 4 and up who adore Disney Princess characters.

Inspired by the Sleeping Beauty movie, the colorful castle build features turrets, a slide, a staircase and a rotating dance floor. It also comes with an outside swing and Maleficent’s throne, plus fun accessories including a crown, cupcake and hairbrush. LEGO ǀ Disney mini-doll figures of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, as well as the villain Maleficent, bring the magic to life and encourage Disney fans to recreate iconic scenes.

LEGO® ǀ Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles

Enter the holiday season with magical kingdom with the LEGO ǀ Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles building set, which makes the perfect gift for princess-loving builders aged 6 and up.

Kids can create the castle of their dreams by building the set as an ultimate castle, 2 small castles or something entirely new, before customizing it with enchanting details such as hearts, stars and flags. Bursting with magical details, Disney fans will love playing with LEGO ǀ Disney mini-doll figures of Belle and Cinderella, plus figures of their friends Gus and Lumiere, before discovering whimsical accessories including a hairbrush and a teacup.

LEGO® ǀ Disney Moana’s Wayfinding Boat

Set sail on magical adventures with this LEGO ǀ Disney Moana’s Wayfinding Boat, which is an awesome holiday gift for Disney fans aged 6 and up.

Budding adventurers will love crafting the double-hulled boat, which features a removable shelter and printed sail, as well as storage space, before decorating it with flowers and flame elements. Brought to life by LEGO ǀ Disney mini-doll figures of Moana and her mother Sina, plus a cute dolphin figure, the buildable set lets Disney fans recreate their favorite scenes from the movie and invent new ones, so the magic never has to end.

LEGO® DUPLO® ǀ Disney – Belle’s Ballroom

Watch Belle twirl in the castle ballroom with the enchanting 23-piece LEGO® DUPLO® ǀ Disney Belle’s Ballroom playset, perfect for kids aged two and above who adore Disney Princesses.

Designed especially for toddler-sized fingers, kids can build the castle ballroom for play and display and even dress Belle in her iconic golden ball gown with this LEGO | Disney Christmas toy.

LEGO® ǀ Disney Villain Icons

Encourage a loved one to unleash their inner baddie with the creative LEGO ǀ Disney Villain Icons building set for adults, which will leave Disney fans spellbound this festive season.

Packed with movie magic, the collectible set is an awesome bookend display that includes VHS cases, books and interesting trinkets that make reference to some of Disney’s most iconic villains. Disney fans will delight in exploring all the details and discovering minifigures of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, the Evil Queen in Disguise from Snow White, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Jafar the Genie from Aladdin.

LEGO® ǀ Disney The Enchanted Treehouse

Climb into the magical world of Disney with LEGO ǀ Disney The Enchanted Treehouse. Brimming with enchanting details, it’s a delightful holiday gift for princess fans aged 7 and up.

Boasting 2 levels, kids will love building the tree house model before discovering its awesome features including a waterfall, a zipline, a secret staircase, a spinning dance floor and a slide. LEGO ǀ Disney mini-doll figures of Mulan, Pocahontas, Raya, Moana, Tiana, Jasmine and Belle, plus other beloved heroines, encourage kids to live out role-play magic. They can ride in the canoe, sit around the campfire or practice their archery skills!

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ | Disney 100th Celebration

Delight a Disney fan this festive season with the LEGO BrickHeadz™ | Disney 100th Celebration building set, which is a fun holiday gift for kids aged 10 and up and Disney aficionados.

Created to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, the building set includes buildable BrickHeadz LEGO figures of significant Disney characters. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Disney’s first character, Mickey Mouse was Disney’s first animated character, Snow White was the heroine of Disney’s first feature movie and Tinker Bell was Disneyland’s first-ever mascot. Once complete, fans will love proudly displaying the iconic BrickHeadz figures, which are a great tribute to Disney’s history.

LEGO® ǀ Disney: Disney Celebration Train

Send kids aged 4 and up on an enchanting journey this holiday season with the LEGO ǀ Disney: Disney Celebration Train building set. Featuring iconic characters, it’s sure to delight Disney fans.

Created to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, the spellbinding set includes a station, engine, 3 parade floats, plus 6 LEGO | Disney minifigures. Kids will love getting acquainted with Moana, as well as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Woody, before using the story starters to bring their favorite tales to life. Once complete, the set makes a beautiful display piece that will bring a touch of Disney magic to any bedroom.

All of these LEGO Disney sets will bring joy to kids, LEGO fans and Disney collectors this holiday season! Know someone who’s a fan of one of our other themes? Why not browse our selection of Marvel or Star Wars™ toys to spread even more festive cheer to your loved ones?

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