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Rocket Mech Armour


Available now

Limit 15
Building Instructions

Big battle action with the Rocket Raccoon mech

This supersized LEGO® mech figure puts Marvel’s raging raccoon in the cockpit of his own mighty battling machine.

Fun to build, play with and display

Kids aged 6 and up will enjoy fun straight from the box as they get creative with this detailed recreation of Rocket’s mech.

LEGO® Marvel Rocket Mech Armour

Fully jointed fun

Adjust the mech’s movable arms, legs and fingers.

Opening cockpit

Put Rocket into the cockpit of his raccoon mech.

Authentic accessories

The raging racoon is armed with a supersized 6-stud blaster.

Enter a new world of building

Builders can zoom in, rotate and track their progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO® Builder app.

Hands-on action for Marvel fans

This versatile Rocket mech and minifigure put endless imaginative play possibilities into kids’ hands.
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