Last Chance

Olivia's Space Academy


Retired product

Choking hazard.
Small parts and small balls.
Building Instructions

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Space Academy set sends imaginations soaring

Inspire hours of endless space learning for science fans aged 8+ with a set that’s filled with technically accurate features.

Fun build, fun play

This rewarding build produces a space academy with a classroom and mission control, a Shuttle model and an observatory.

Olivia's Space Academy

Realistic Shuttle model

Brick-built craft has a Canadarm, just like the real thing.

Stargazing in the observatory

Mini-dolls can use the telescope to scan the heavens.

Space school

Mini-doll cadets learn about space flight in the classroom.

This is mission control…

Kids play out guiding the Shuttle through a safe flight.

Multi-axis trainer

Mini-dolls take a spin – before they’ve had their lunch!

Precise planets

All the planet graphics are scientifically accurate.

Out-of-this world gift

Make any young space fan’s day with this feature-packed set where Olivia achieves her dream of going to space school.
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