Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO

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Building Instructions

Spectacular ninja dragon playset

LEGO® fans can build a posable dragon and then make it bigger in 2 more quick steps for exciting ninja role-play action.

Upgrade the dragon to triumph!

Ninja fans can win epic battles against the snake warriors by twice upgrading Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO with bigger wings.

Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO

Quick build

Kids can start the mission by building the posable dragon.

Upgrade the dragon twice

Dragon can twice be given bigger wings and armour.

Win a banner

Ninja fans win a Courage banner for completing the mission.

A great build-and-play experience

Youngsters can play out ninja stories as they first build and then upgrade their models to make them bigger and better.

Brilliant gift for ninja fans

An ideal gift for ninja-loving kids aged 6 and up with a passion for immersing themselves in the amazing world of NINJAGO®.