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Best gifts for art lovers

Best gifts for art lovers

Put away the paintbrushes and prepare to create a different kind of masterpiece with our selection of the very best LEGO® sets for art lovers.

Full of vibrant palettes and intricate brick-built designs, these LEGO creations promise to paint your world with joy and inspiration. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, you’ll find the perfect canvas for your creativity.

The Milky Way Galaxy

Journey through the cosmos with this incredible LEGO® Art The Milky Way Galaxy (31212) building kit.

This 3D masterpiece is built with over 3,000 LEGO pieces, recreating famous sights like the Pillars of Creation and even a ‘You Are Here’ tile to mark Earth's spot among the stars. It’s also made up of 5 different panels, each with their own instructions, so artists can team up with friends or family to bring it to life!

Use the hanger element to display it on your wall once complete, paying tribute to the wonders of our galaxy.

Modern Art

Get ready to craft your own masterpiece of modern abstract art using an array of vibrant, uniquely shaped elements.

This colourful collection of rectangles, triangles and circles can be pieced together any way you like, letting you build and rebuild countless creative wonders. Use the accompanying building instructions as inspiration to start your artistic journey – or simply put your imagination to work and see where it takes you!

When you’ve finished creating, use the included hanger element to proudly display your innovative artwork for all to admire. Connect it to other LEGO® Modern Art sets to create an even more impressive display.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Combine artistic flair with web-slinging action as you create your own three-dimensional comic book art.

Fans of The Amazing Spider-Man will love bringing this incredibly detailed artwork to life. The 2,099 pieces layer together to show Spider-Man breaking out of the frame, with a head and fingers that can be placed into different poses for a customised display. There are even 15 spiders crawling across the frame, representing issue no. 15 of Amazing Fantasy in which Spider-Man first appeared in August 1962.

Fans will appreciate the artistic details, like the backdrop that recreates the comic’s classic Ben-Day dot printing technique. And with a special soundtrack full of tailor-made content to listen to while you build, you’re guaranteed an action-packed artistic adventure!

Hokusai – The Great Wave

Get swept away in a current of creativity with this stunning replica of a timeless Japanese artwork.

Piece together layers of LEGO® bricks to create a 3D version of Hokusai’s The Great Wave, finishing off with a decorative tile featuring Hokusai’s signature. A scannable QR code lets you listen to a soundtrack full of tailor-made content as you build, offering an immersive and mindful experience like no other.

With 1,810 pieces, including hanger elements to display the finished wall art, this LEGO set for adults makes a wonderful gift for both budding creatives and seasoned artists alike.

Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

Created in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), this 3D LEGO® brick version of Vincent van Gogh’s beloved painting The Starry Night is a breathtaking homage to a legendary artist.

The 2,316-piece set captures all the magic of the original artwork, using clever building techniques to recreate Van Gogh’s iconic brushstrokes. It even comes with a Vincent van Gogh minifigure equipped with his own paintbrush, palette and easel, plus an adjustable display arm where he can stand and admire his work.

Whether you hang it on a wall or display it freestanding, this beautiful LEGO artwork will add a touch of enchantment to your home decor.

100 Years of Disney Animation Icons

Celebrate 100 years of Disney animation with this magical LEGO® ǀ Disney set!

Kids aged 6 and upwards can join in the creative fun, choosing from a range of 72 iconic Disney characters to bring to life. With 12 8x8 plates and lots of colourful tiles, they can build up to 12 icons at once – and then display them proudly using the picture frame and hanger elements. 

The set includes an exclusive Disney’s Mickey Mouse minifigure, holding a brush and palette of his own.

Tales of the Space Age

Don’t limit your creativity to the confines of Earth. Treat yourself or a fellow art lover to this stellar set and let your imagination soar!

There are 4 brick-built postcards to create, each inspired by 1980s sci-fi myths, films, books and posters. Craft an observatory for viewing comets and shooting stars, a moon base and lunar eclipse, a shuttle blasting through space, and a breathtaking black hole. Show them off together or separately for a truly out-of-this-world display.

Capturing all the excitement of an intergalactic adventure, artists and astronomers alike will delight in this customisable LEGO® Ideas set.

World Map

Know someone who’s a keen explorer as well as a passionate artist? This is the perfect gift for them.

As well as being our biggest LEGO® set yet with over 11,000 pieces, this re-interpretation of a classic world map also makes a stunning (and practical) piece of wall art. Choose which continents to display front and centre with three possible combinations. Customise the oceans with colourful currents for a personal touch.

Once it’s built, you can put a pin in the places you’ve been – or haven’t ticked off the bucket list yet – with small, colourful pins to highlight any area you like.

The Rolling Stones

Pay tribute to one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history with this 3D LEGO® brick recreation of The Rolling Stones logo.

Scan the QR code and listen to the tailor-made soundtrack while you enjoy this immersive building experience, reliving moments from the band’s 60-year career. Complete your masterpiece with the Rolling Stones signature tile, and it’s ready for display at home or the office!

Perfect for creative adults to combine their passion for art and music, this 1,998-piece set guarantees a whole lot of satisfaction.

Jim Lee Batman™ Collection

Delight any DC fan with the chance to build 1 of 3 portraits of iconic DC characters: Batman™, The Joker™ or Harley Quinn™. Whether you want to honour the Super Hero™ of GOTHAM CITY™ or let chaos reign with the Super-Villains, the choice is yours.

Flip through the instructions to discover details about the inspiration behind the collection and scan the QR code to reveal a soundtrack with nearly 2 hours full of special content to listen to while you build.

Each portrait makes a stunning display piece, complete with a signature tile to show off your passion with style.

Floral Art

Transform your space into a botanical heaven, bursting with bold colours and floral designs.

Nature's beauty comes alive indoors with 2,870 pieces full of possibilities. Choose from 3 beautiful floral motifs, then bring your creation to life with a huge range of customisation options to create a flower-filled masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

Seal your creation with a pristine, brick-built white frame, then hang on any wall or shelf to create a display where nature, colour and creativity intertwine.

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