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How to make your own LEGO® terrarium

How to make your own LEGO® terrarium

Looking for a fun arts and crafts project? There are a hundred million things you can make with LEGO® bricks, and today we’re going to show you how to build a LEGO terrarium.

Why? Because terrariums are awesome!

These miniature gardens housed in small glass containers make brilliant displays for your home, and they’re a great way to bring greenery indoors.

How to accomplish this with LEGO bricks, you ask?

We promise it’s easier than spelling terrarium.

Inspired by the amazing plant creations we’ve seen from the LEGO Botanicals Collection – it makes perfect sense to use these sets as a starting point, and you don’t have to be a seasoned horticulturist to start dabbling.

Go wild and add your own creative twists. We’re rooting for you (get it?)

Step 1: Choose the right container

With any creative project, you need a plan.

Finding the right container is key. You can approach this in two ways:

1) Pick a transparent container first and design your LEGO brick creation around that to ensure it fits inside.

2) Already got your idea in mind? Then simply source the right size container to hold your dream creation. You can always modify your build during the building process if needed.

When choosing a container, think big, small or medium. Whether it’s an old fishbowl, a transparent bauble or a cylinder vase, your LEGO display needs a suitable home.

Top tip: Remember to measure up. Can you actually get the LEGO build inside the container?

Step 2: Add some personality!

Now you have your container, what are you going to put inside?

This is your chance to get creative and crafty! Choose a design for the terrarium that represents one of your interests . It could be space, cars, movies, art, music, travel, gaming or anything you’re interested in.

The color palette of your design should also complement the environment it’s in, so think carefully about where it’ll be placed in your house.

Top tip: Upcycle where you can! If you already have materials and LEGO sets at home, use what you’ve got and be inspired by that...

Step 3: Fill your ‘soil’

The most satisfying part! Fill the base of your container with tiny little LEGO elements (aka LEGO soil). Make sure to level out the base, so that your build can sit flat and sturdily on the soil.

Top tip: Consider using colors for your brick soil that will complement the rest of your terrarium.

Step 4: Get creative with plant elements

Plant power! Using plant elements and LEGO flowers will make your terrarium come to life. The LEGO Botanicals Collection has plenty of flora to choose from with a variety of different colors and sizes.

From succulents, stems and dried flowers to colorful bouquets and roses, whatever you’re looking for probably has a LEGO form.

Top tip: Looking for a certain LEGO piece? Use our Pick-A-Brick service to get the pieces you need delivered to your door (available in selected markets only).

Step 4.5 (optional): Add minifigures

Not only do minifigures add fun and charm, but they also help to tell the story of your display.

They look extra adorable in small baubles for occasions like Easter, Christmas and Halloween.

Top tip: Where possible, attach little details like minifigures to the build before you place it into the container. Otherwise, it’ll be tricky trying to click things together inside the bowl (unless you have teeny tiny minifigure hands).

Step 5: Show it off

There you have it. Your own LEGO Terrarium to last a lifetime. All that’s left to do is find a place to display it.

Whether it’s on your bookshelf or in your home office, this DIY project will let your creativity shine and it’s a great activity to do with others. We couldn’t think of a better use for that old fishbowl collecting dust in your garage. Happy building – and we’d love to see all your photos. Share them with us by tagging #LEGOTerrariums on social media!

Top tip: Give the LEGO terrarium plenty of space on the shelf, so the display has more impact. Keeping it out of direct sunlight will preserve the magic!

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